10,000 Hours

Last night my 16 year old brother and I got into a fight. There was this misunderstanding, which led him to believe that I was ordering him to help me with my projects. “Jonathan, I’m really busy, I have so many things to do, and now I’m stressed.”

I wasn’t trying to stress him out. I was rather probing him to see if he had the time to help me film my projects. To give you some context, my 16 year old brother is also a filmmaker: many of his shorts have gone on to win awards, be broadcasted at the LA film festival, and now he will be directing the biggest project ever given to him (for his school).

The fight occurred because he wanted to help me, but the idea of juggling his projects with mine began to overwhelm him. I cannot blame him, my language would make it seem that I was pressuring him to help me with my projects. In the end, we came to the conclusion that he doesn’t need to help me as I need to help myself. This wasn’t what was said, but I felt that the undertone of it all was I shouldn’t rely on him to help me…

I’m getting off topic…

I’m writing today because it dawned at me that my brother, at 16, is way ahead of the ball game in terms of what he wants to do (directing / filmmaking). Therefore, by the time he’s my age (26/27) he’ll be ready to sit at the table of the big leagues. Why? Because he’s been crafting his art for 10 years.

In ten years he would have crafted his art for more than 10,000 hours. In ten years he would’ve developed a habit that the only thing he must do every single day is to film… is to create.

This idea humbled me. I couldn’t sleep because I realized that I’m not even close to 10,000 hours. I’m at 30 hours. Am I too old? Am I too late to start?

Here’s my answer…

Am I Too Old? Am I Too Late?

Society has this way of telling us that if you’re not accomplishing what you’re supposed to do by the age of 30… you’re a failure. Therefore, because I’m way behind the ball game, I don’t even know if by the time I’m 30 – I’ll be even as close as where I want to be. We have people like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez… who have known what they’ve wanted to do (and been practicing) since the age of 7. This means they’ve exceeded their 10,000 hours, have become megastars, and are the staples of what our society (media) deems successful.

This also goes for other young 20-somethings who run their own company, 20-somethings leading political movements, and 20-somethings (or younger) who have made it on the Forbes’ 30 under 30 list. So am I too old? Yes.

Am I too late?


Every single day I get another chance to work at my craft: writing and filming. If I don’t take the time to do both… then I’m not building up my brand, my skills, my experience… and I’m losing out on the potential to be great. If I don’t start today then I’ll be starting over at 30.

Let’s start now. Let’s build that 10,000 hours right now.

It doesn’t matter how broke I am, the amount of sleep I need, the noise from the roommates, or whatever… I need to do whatever it takes to film, plan filming, and write (for me) every single day. What are your goals? What do you want to do? Make a plan of action of the things you’ve accomplish so far and make yourself even better than you were yesterday.

My skills?

  1. Interacting / Entertaining with strangers
  2. Storytelling
  3. Growth Hacking (facebook / viral video growth)

These are the three things I’ve been practicing since the age of 18 / 21. Let’s take those three concepts and let it grow with what I really want to be: filmmaker & writer.

Ending Words

I’m broke. I’m juggling a few jobs that take about 12 hours of time every single day. And, if I don’t do these jobs, I’ll starve. I put myself in a horrible financial situation and I cannot believe I’m still surviving. But, this is my fault (I will explain later). I know I won’t have time to write my novel or script. So – I hope – I’ll be able to get out of this financial bind soon (at the end of the year?). But, I know I can find the time to film, write in this blog, and soon write for another blog. I hope you learned something from this post?

This isn’t that funny or entertaining as more of a reflection.

Thanks for listening.

See you tomorrow.

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