My Disease Called Gambling

I have a gambling problem.

I’m writing this because I find if I make this issue public I’ll be able to get a better grip of my problem. It’s not only a need – I WANT to stop this horrible habit because it is ruining me financially.

I know I would be about $100,000 richer and done more productive-meaningful things in my life (time wasted) if I didn’t gamble.

It is SUPER CRUCIAL that I must stop this time because I’m starting my own business venture this summer. Every cent I spend must be spent wisely towards a business purchase / decision. I am fortunate that, till September 2014, I will have steady income being deposited into my bank account.

However afterwards – gulp.

Therefore, I am telling you that I have a gambling problem. I’m going to tell you my story of why I got into it, what it has destroyed, and how I will fix it altogether. I hope sharing this will help anyone else who is dealing with compulsive disastrous habit(s) / disease(s) such as gambling.

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Vacation Over. Back to Beauty.

There is this goal, since the restart of this blog, that I have to write everyday. However, for the past five days (and till the 31st) I’ve strayed (will stray) away from this blog due to a vacation I had in New York. This is not an excuse, just merely a statement so you and I have an understanding of why I haven’t posted (or will post) in a while.

Five days in internet land is equivalent to one month. I apologize and will stay on top of things again. There are about 100-150 of you who visit the site everyday and I thank you for your readership. I don’t want to let you down.

Today I want to discuss about taking care of your cosmetic look. Yes, I’m going to be talking about the products and things I use to make my face looking healthy. I’m not talking about makeup – I’m talking about lotions, soaps, and routines so that way you can look healthy and refreshed as well.

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How To Make Things Right

It’s really hard to figure out a way to make something right.

Before I start with this whole piece, I’m going to say that I’ve made a ton of mistakes in my life. I’m talking about errors and mistakes, intentional or unintentional, that have led to me burning bridges with important people or “people close to me” – in my life.


Important people are people I care for, while people close to me are usually the ones who are not necessarily on the top of my “caring” list but have some stake in my life (e.g., co-workers and subsections of different family members).

Let’s continue where we started – it’s really hard to figure out a way to make something right. The idea that you can suddenly say a few words or do a quick action to absolve your sins is something of a magical miracle.

I also want to make it clear that this article is going to be focusing on “making things right” with people you are or once were somehow close with you. As in, these people were never your opponents to begin with… usually people who you trusted as they trusted you as well.

Alright. Let’s begin.

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What To Talk About on A First Date

You’re shaking, anxious, and your bladder is giving you false signals that you have to pee. It’s time for something you’ve been preparing yourself for: the first date with a girl you’ve been talking with for a few days. You meet up, you give her a hug, and now you’re just… staring at each other.

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Practice Prepares You To Be The Best

The way to be prepared is to practice your skill until you get close to killing yourself. It’s like holding your breathe under water. You want to practice until your body says “I NEED AIR.” Come up, rest, and then repeat.

No matter if it’s snowing, raining, hailing, or some other force is holding you back – you need to go out and dive into practice. This may seem cliche to say, but I feel everyone needs to be reminded of well known parables for them to actually proceed with its motto.

This is why it’s important…

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