Girls Should Stop Saying Sorry For Doing This…

The other day I met a beautiful girl. She was well read, she was witty, she was ebullient, she was very fun to talk to you! It was because of these qualities that in about ten minutes into our conversation, my brain was screaming at me that she was an attractive person who I should pursue… sexually.

However, in the beginning of our conversation, she did tell me she had a boyfriend. But I didn’t care. My mind was on her and at the moment her boyfriend wasn’t important.

Also, though I told her my intentions“I find you very attractive” she stayed with me – she didn’t waver away from our our conversation. It was then I assumed she was attracted to me ,as I was attracted to her.

We started conversing about school, her mother, personal issues, relationships, and of course, sex. We were getting intimate: which made her even more attractive. Then, twenty minutes later, I don’t know. I cannot explain the feeling inside my soul. I went for the kiss.

I must admit I was a little aggressive with the attempt to kiss her. If I were to do it over again, I would ask her “would you like to kiss me…” which I think would’ve been a better / attractive move. Pushing my face into her was a really bad decision. My excuse is that I’m newly single… but that’ just an excuse.

When I went for the kiss she backed off and say, “No. Let’s not.” I stopped, put my hands up, and turned around. It was then that she said something that negatively tickled every bone in my body. She said, “I’m sorry.”

What? Why? This is what I want to talk about today. Women, girls, should stop saying sorry.

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What Defines You?

People will never truly define you based on the skills you possess, your education level, or anything plastered on your resume. Let’s be clear, there is no harm in having an amazing resume filled with glitter and experience. But, what’s more important, are your daily rituals. These rituals, your habits, these are the things that define you.

What do I mean?

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How To Find Your Creative Time

It’s 4:28am in the morning and I made sure to put on pants before writing this post. I have a difficult time concentrating when I’m in my boxer-briefs. To go further, I have an even harder time doing anything when the bottom half (of me) is completely unclothed: Yes, I sleep naked or half-bottom-naked. It’s for health reasons.

Therefore, I made sure to put on pants, put on my favorite hoodie, and plop my laptop onto a pillow before gently positioning myself into a butterfly stance. The one downfall from this entire situation is that my mouth’s moisture is producing a taint pungent garbage-esq morning saliva that is making my self-conscious yearn for a good brushing. However, I don’t want to run to the bathroom to brush, shower, or anything else in between because I don’t want to lose the creative juices flowing in my brain… yet.

In fact – this is the short topic I want to write about today…

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Writing Every Day

I’m going to start writing everyday because I realize my life works better when I’m able to vomit my dirty laundry on paper. I do write in a private journal, however, my journal is a place for my personal secrets: a place where I complain and talk about memories, which I think add no value to others but myself. This means I’m not pushing myself to be creative anywhere else. But, it’s time for change. I’m going to write all my creative thoughts here.

It’s going to be short. It’s going to be long posts.

I think it’s important I write everyday because I feel better when I write.

In addition, it will push me to learn even more because it’s easier to write interesting things when you do amazing things: sitting on my ass everyday is no longer an option.

Thank you for listening.