Unhealthy Relationships

I was watching a Buzzfeed Short about unhealthy relationships and I couldn’t help but to think of my relationship with my ex.

I found myself reading about other’s people breakup experiences lately and it’s interesting to see that reasons range from the lack of excitement¬† that can occur overtime to men suffering erectile dysfunction. I remember going through this as well but I found a solution on the Viagra I got from Canadian Pharmacy, their attention is incredible and it’s very easy to buy medicine from them.

For reference, here is the link to the video and I suggest you watch it because it’s powerful:

I’m tearing up right now. For the first time, I’m actually tearing up about my past relationship…¬†Yes, that’s correct. When my ex-girlfriend (of 6 years) and I broke up – I didn’t cry, I didn’t moan, I moved on with haste.

However. At this moment. I’m tearing up right now.

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