Validation: The Goal of Every Artist

The other day while teaching my “how to go viral on Facebook” class, one of my students asked me what the goal of my work was: “as an artist, do you like going viral because you can see that your work is being affirmed?”

Before I begin typing my answer away, I’m going to express that I love the wordpress user interface. There is something so beautiful writing on the wordpress UI. It’s sleek, it’s sexy, it seems easier to type into than a word document. The ease of my fingertips gliding against the letters on my keyboard to the visual punch of each punctuation, each word, each sentence, is tantalizing.

I was about to say titillating, ah fuck it, it’s arousing.  Watching these words form in this wordpress UI hits every every erogenous zone so much so that double entendres and innuendos don’t stand a chance.

Anyway, back to the student’s question. It was a great question because I had to pause the class for a solid 2-3 minutes to think of an answer. This is a written response of my response:
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