Social Media Challenge Update #1: Slow Growth

To put some context behind this post, please refer to the original article, “IT’S TIME. Time for The Social Media Challenge

I’m writing to update you on my progress so far. I’m not going to lie, I really hate writing these update posts, however, it’s the only way I can stay accountable.

side note: saying the word accountable, makes me think of “The Count” on Sesame Street. This is exactly what I need, a make-believe puppet facetiously slapping me in the face, all awhile counting every single mistake that led to the reason why my social media channels stay dormant. 


I’ll make this short.

I didn’t do well in March…

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IT’S TIME. Time for the social media challenge

I’m sitting here and I’m fired up.


Back story… I currently work at hint as head of video content and influencer partnerships: this means I make digital videos that are either seen for brand awareness, or for video ads. In addition, I also partner up with facebook, youtube, and instagram influencers to create online commercials with them.

How I’m able to partner up with influencers is the fact that my rolodex is stocked up with social media influencers: the past eight years I’ve been working with these individuals through management and consulting.

side note: because I’ve been in the space for quite awhile, these influencers respect who I am and often times charge our company less (for a brand deal) because they know we’re going to make content that is genuine, brand friendly (for them), viral, and beautiful.

In essence, you could say that these influencers are my friends.

Well something has been happening recently that has got me FIRED UP!

When traveling all over the United States to film my friends… they’ve been saying one thing to me: “Jonathan, you need to start doing your own thing again. What the hell is going on?”

They’re right.

I haven’t posted a viral video for quite sometime and I need to start peddling forward. It’s a little frustrating when I see my friend’s videos do really well!!!

They’re meeting celebrities, they’re getting high monetary brand deals, they’re getting opportunities, they’re GROWING… all awhile (behind the scenes) they’re screaming at me TO MAKE MY OWN CONTENT AGAIN.

I’m not jealous of them.

I’m upset at myself.

I feel I’m going to lose them as I’m personally not growing.

I’ve been waking up hyperventilating every fucking night. NIGHTMARES because I’m not doing what I AM SUPPOSED TO BE DOING.

How can I be seen as an authority figure in the creative space if I’m not creating on my personal channels? So. It’s fucking time.

What do I mean? Let me explain…

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