Girls Should Stop Saying Sorry For Doing This…

The other day I met a beautiful girl. She was well read, she was witty, she was ebullient, she was very fun to talk to you! It was because of these qualities that in about ten minutes into our conversation, my brain was screaming at me that she was an attractive person who I should pursue… sexually.

However, in the beginning of our conversation, she did tell me she had a boyfriend. But I didn’t care. My mind was on her and at the moment her boyfriend wasn’t important.

Also, though I told her my intentions“I find you very attractive” she stayed with me – she didn’t waver away from our our conversation. It was then I assumed she was attracted to me ,as I was attracted to her.

We started conversing about school, her mother, personal issues, relationships, and of course, sex. We were getting intimate: which made her even more attractive. Then, twenty minutes later, I don’t know. I cannot explain the feeling inside my soul. I went for the kiss.

I must admit I was a little aggressive with the attempt to kiss her. If I were to do it over again, I would ask her “would you like to kiss me…” which I think would’ve been a better / attractive move. Pushing my face into her was a really bad decision. My excuse is that I’m newly single… but that’ just an excuse.

When I went for the kiss she backed off and say, “No. Let’s not.” I stopped, put my hands up, and turned around. It was then that she said something that negatively tickled every bone in my body. She said, “I’m sorry.”

What? Why? This is what I want to talk about today. Women, girls, should stop saying sorry.

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The NO SEX Challenge: The Best Motivation to Complete Your Goals?

I think I’m fortunate to have a partner who reciprocates the need and want for sexual intercourse. However, I realize that my availability to coitus has made it impossible for me to accomplish the goals I’ve set for myself this year.

Am I saying that sex is a distraction? Yes. The copulation between my partner and I have led to my own unproductive habits. This is why I’ve decided to try out the NO SEX challenge. There are countless others, like David Asprey (author of Bulletproof), who have participated in this endeavor. If they can do it and succeed. why can’t I?

Of course his was a 30 day challenge.

Mine is NO SEX until I accomplish my goals.

I’m not going to lie but I actually tried this feat a week ago and… I failed. She even said, “are you sure you want to do this?” HELL YEAH! I even made an excuse, “I worked really hard this week… it’s okay.” Then, the moment happened. 😀

Yes, I failed. I cheated. And, I don’t feel bad because it was a great experience (we just connect). However, I’m stuck at the same place again where I’m no closer to accomplishing my goals for this year. This is why I’m going to restart this challenge, but I’m going to do a few different things so that way I don’t fail. Let me explain…

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