Celebrate The Small Wins: Analyzing Thought Catalog Pieces

I’m writing right now because I’m a little stressed at the moment. I think one of the biggest reasons I’m stressing is because I’m unable to complete my latest vlog.

I’m trying to figure out how to integrate a bunch of the days to make it not boring. It’s bothering me as I keep editing and re-editing scenes – trying to make a story of some sort.

The ability to not finish this task is making me realize all the other unfinished things I have at the moment. In addition, my lawyer just said today,

“Time flies really fast man, I hope you’re getting your shit together. You better not be homeless by the end of the year.”

Then, I have my family and my partner subtly breathing down my neck all because they’re going through financial strain (need help. I believe I’m the source to help). Usually in these circumstances I go out and I gamble because it’s just a way to relieve stress. However, it’ll just create more stress in the long run because losing money won’t really help my cause.

Therefore I’m writing.

This article will be what I need to feel like I at least got something done, which will just ease my mind and help me complete my other tasks (momentum). Yes, I’m writing that you too can help clear your own mind and de-stress from the craziness by appreciating your small wins.

What do I mean? Let me explain.

Thought Catalog

For the past few months I’ve been consistently writing for a site called, Thought Catalog.

I write there because it’s a great place to gain recognition from other sources that will hopefully lead back to my own website, twitter, social network, etc., In addition, I feel that writing for a well-established website will just help my writing career in the long run.

Celebrate Small Wins

Thought Catalog has a new social side bar on each article that indicates how many social media shares the article you wrote received. I’m not going to lie when I say that I was not only pleasantly surprised, but also pretty happy.

I’ve written 8 articles in 2014 and these are my stats so far:

1. 52,000 social shares
2. 60 comments

I have to do a little better on the comments, but I’m a tad happy with my social shares. Here are the two most popular of the 8 articles: i) 5 Closest People You Will Lose… (18k shares). & ii) 55 Ways To Make… (16.1k shares).

Realizing What’s Working

It seems my list posts do the best when it comes to shares. Therefore, it’s something I must continue to pursue slash work on. However, I would love to break the double digit shares with an article that isn’t a “number list post.” I’ll figure it out eventually.

Other Small Wins

1. Hit over 200 YouTube subscribers on my channel. I started in April and am still trying to figure it all out. This number might mean nothing to you, but it’s some accomplishment and having “one small win” really motivates me that I’m not doing this for nothing.

2. Since writing the Thought Catalog articles, my twitter followers jumped from 170 to now over 200. I just need to keep writing and that number will increase. In addition, my twitter followers will increase exponentially once my YouTube channel blows up.

3. I’m not homeless.

Using These Small Wins as A Boost

I’m not on top of the world or satisfied with my accomplishments. I’m just saying that sometimes it’s good to take a step back and realize your small wins. It’s these small wins that will be the building blocks to create those big wins. Nothing happens overnight, but small wins can happen on a daily basis. I feel calmer just writing this.


Small wins.

Will turn into big wins.

Don’t give up.

Thank you for reading.
Talk soon.

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