Embarrassed to Broadcast My Work. Should You?

I just published my newest video. There are a lot of snappy moments and it doesn’t really tell a fluent story. It can be confusing. However, I wanted to publish it so I could make sure people (who follow me) knew why I was / am in Utah at this moment.

So, with the many flaws, I’m really embarrassed to promote the video on my personal facebook page, twitter, or even here for that matter. I’m not going to and hopefully when my channel grows – this will be one of the videos that I will delete from my arsenal.

I’m headed to about 6 videos and the next video I’m working on should get over 1,000 views. The goal is to have a stream of 1000+ viewed videos for the next few weeks.

There is a lot of my mind right now. I know this is a very short post. I’ll probably throw up some “How To Get a Girl’s Number” type post tomorrow because I really miss writing those. 😀

And, last note. I want to say – that even though everything is a slow start… I’m really happy at the moment: but more later.


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