Everyone Has Their Own Path

“Everyone has their own path. Their own time.”

This was Grant’s response to my complaint about how my 16 year old brother was moving faster than I was in his film career. “Jonathan, your brother is lucky to have you and also lucky to have the resources he does to move faster.”

He then continued… “It was like when I helped my friend with his business school applications and now telling him what to expect when he starts.” He explained how it would’ve been nice to have someone guide him as it would have made the entire process easier. “I felt like Daniel Boone cutting through the forest.”

This is something I used to always say to myself. However, having someone who I respect, someone who I deem as successful as well, and someone who is one of the hardest working individuals I know say it to my face, brought a different perspective altogether.

It humbled me.

A Lesson on Jealousy

I don’t know if I’m jealous of my little brother or if I’m upset at myself for not working harder. I think it’s more of the latter. Here is why – Yes, my brother is winning awards and doing great things, but he’s creating films that I wouldn’t want to make anyway. We’re headed in the same direction, but we’re going about it in different ways. He’s more of a cinematic artist who develops AMAZING dramatic pieces. And, I’m more on the side of creative goofiness.

We both want to win an Emmy and an Oscar. We both want to make an impact in the Asian filming community. We both want to motivate other filmmakers to pursue their dreams. But, we’re doing it in different ways.

He’s focusing all his schooling on film: joined a high school with a great film program, applying to USC, getting internships with filmmakers, etc…

While I’m getting into the film industry through a very independent- gorilla style type way: though studied Rhetoric at UC Berkeley. I’ve been creating and filming online content for YouTubers since 2012. I have no prior film training. I’m just trying to force myself to make an impact by making connections, growth hacking, and just hoping to create fun-viral content.

Side Note: though we have different styles and different paths, I must say that we’re a great team. We even have helped each other with our projects: his scripts and him helping me edit my videos. Without him I would be nothing. 

Listen, I know my brother is amazing. I know that he will make an impact. I know that he will be world renowned. I just have that feeling. And, I will too. We both will. We just have different paths and I’m on the Daniel Boone path. I have a machete in my head swiping away in the hopes that I’ll be able to find a perfect place to setup camp.

Long story short: I need to work harder.

Thanks for listening.

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