How To Become James Franco: Pulling Out The Weeds in Your Life

I was going to write about the mistakes I’ve made in my life because I fuck up all the time. I’ve been known to make rash decisions without really thinking about the consequences. And, in doing so, I usually get caught (100% of the time actually because I really suck at covering my tracks), someone gets hurt, and guilt consumes my body.

But, I don’t want to talk about that right now because I do not have time to write such a thing: it requires a ton of self-emotional-reflection.

Anyway, today I want to talk about James Franco. Yes, James Franco the actor slash amazing eclectic individual who seems to be able to do everything. When he was 28 years old he was attending Yale’s Phd writing program, writing movie scripts, acting in several movies, writing a fucking novel, and even directing a film.

Even today he’s known to continue this path and I don’t think his productivity is going away anytime soon. And, I want to follow in the steps of James Franco.

Hell, if he can do it – so can I? Right?

Yes? I mean. Yes.

What am I talking about?

If you read this blog you know that I handle the marketing / business development of a company, pursuing a career in writing (articles and novels), podcasting, and have a YouTube channel that I want to grow. In addition, I have a side job to make sure I have some extra income coming my way (because the company is a startup & everything else has yet to provide a monetary return from my time… it’s due to my lack of hardcore concentration on these projects).

So, here I am wondering… how the hell can I get this done?

Simple. Scheduling.

More importantly, I must take out things in my life that are draining and fucking me up from accomplishing these goals:

i. Girlfriend.

ii. Not living alone (having my own place).

Let’s Start with Point I. 

I LOVE my girlfriend. She’s amazing and even in these 5 years I still find her very attractive. However, I’ve noticed that my goals in my life were accomplished without her by my side: in college I became a student body senator, had a decent GPA, and was lining up a good network to get my career started.  Once we got together, things took a slight nose dive. However, in 2012 I pushed her aside and I had the the best career jump of my life.

We had a falling out due to my absence… and on the way of trying and then successful winning her back – my career took a nose dive again. I’m not saying that I will go through breaking up with her completely… but I need to do everything I can to replicate what I did in 2012.

But, it’s hard because every relationship needs to be cultivated, well-managed, and given time. It’s so hard. My love for her is so strong and great. But, my own life, my own career, and my own goals should be of high importance. Right? Am I able to balance my career life and my girlfriend with the hectic schedule I have planned?

My friends keep saying that breaking up is just silly. I shouldn’t don’t do it. She’s so good for you. She’s a great motivator, she’s compassionate, she’s attractive, and she’s rooting you on with advice and unconditional love!

Fuck. Seriously. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Balance, in this case, is pretty hard to figure out. My last employer told me I needed to break it off with her because it was ruining me… he was right. I wanted him to be wrong, but that mother fucker turned out to be right.

Point II.

This is coupled with Point I because I currently live with my girlfriend (for one more month).

In fact, for the past 5 years of my life (since I graduated) I haven’t had a room all to myself: sharing a room or somehow always having roommates.

This needs to change because I seriously just need a place where I can sit alone and be away from the noise of the outside world. It’s like LET ME THINK. Also, the ability to come home whenever I want… now that would be godsend.

There is nothing or anyone pulling me to see them. It’s like Jesus Christ. FREEDOM.

Point I may not happen.

But, POINT II NEEDS to happen. If not, then I will continue to live my life as a failure.

I already made a schedule and have pinpointed things together. However, Point I (girlfriend) and Point II (not having my own place) are still hindering my life and it will continue to put a strain on my life until I put my foot down and make a decision.

I think this is what you need to do to become successful in your endeavors. It’s something I learned from my shitty father actually: what are your weaknesses (your weeds) in your life that are holding you back. I figured mine out. Have you?

Again, thanks for hearing me out.

Talk soon.


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