I’m eh

I’m not so happy…

I recently posted a video regarding how I got fired and I’m happy, but not so happy with the video. There is a scene I had to cut out that would’ve changed the video in a different direction. Basically, the scene showcases a few of my coworkers really sad and upset – due to the fact that I was let go.

It would’ve shown like some sense of vulnerability.

This is the one thing I’m actually upset about…

It’s eating me up inside because I feel like that’s the #1 thing missing from the video: vulnerability and the fact that people loved me at my last job. It’s hard to tell your story when you have to hide parts that show your true personality. I’m really scared about my next videos but holy shit… I can only imagine what the world is about to see: I care about honesty and I’m about to be honest.

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