I Forgot YouTube: Work On Your Craft

I forgot how YouTube works.

I had to look through my channel’s data today and begin to figure out why my last two videos didn’t even hit the 1k mark. It’s a little embarrassing because I could hit that number pretty well back in the day.

It’s okay. It’s about re-learning and being critical. When it comes to my work, I’m never satisfied. And, right now, I don’t have anything to say I am even proud of my work.

With that said, let’s get to some analysis for a second.

I was going to copy / paste stats but rather I’m just going to talk things out and go from there…

Rule Number 1:

Keep it simple stupid.

The last episode was intriguing but it was so complicated. I was setting up the story and I forgot that no one really cares about exposition on YouTube. Exposition on YouTube is one line, that’s it… not an entire script.

Let each video be about “one thing.”

One simple subject.

Therefore, in this episode I talked about traveling across country without my phone. Period. Who cares about “how” the trip started. What people want to know is what the fuck happened.


Rule Number 2:


Episode 1 (the one where I get fired) is actually a decent episode. In fact, when I first made it – I was actually in LOVE with the episode. However, I had to take it down and delete a few things from the episode itself… scenes that showed co-workers coming together.

Some crying.

I had to delete and it and unfortunately, to me, the episode is now unwatchable. People tell me they like the episode. I hate it because it lacks that vulnerability we all crave as humans.

Rule Number 3:

Be Genuine on Camera

This is literally the hardest thing right now at the moment. I haven’t really been on camera in a very long time. The rules of corporate life has really conditioned me, not to be me…

Will I ever be myself again?

I hope so.

But we’ll soon find out.

One day.

The idea of being genuine is just to say and do exactly how you feel inside. Hold nothing back is the key.

Hold. nothing back.

I’ve just been too afraid to show all of me, show everything, show all the ups and downs of every single situation.

Rule Number 4

Better Titles + Thumbnails.

I think Rule 1 – 3 is the most important.

Thumbnails of course are CRUCIAL to the click through rate… but to keep people engaged is a must.

I’m going to try these techniques in the next episode.

I’m going to try my very best.

I’m only giving myself three months.

So it’s crucial everything I do is as perfect as I can make it…

Personally, I’m really, really, REALLY disappointed in myself.

But – I’m just watching YouTube videos and analyzing why I like to watch them over and over again. Would I watch my last two episodes over and over and over again?

Not really.

Other videos yes –

Not these last two.

What am I getting at here?

I’m saying there are no fucking shortcuts to anything.

The idea is to post, work on your on your craft, and always improve. It might be slow but you should ALWAYS be improving.

I’m not satisfied. I’m angry!


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