Making Things NOT Happen

“I want to stay busy.”

“I’m not doing enough.”

“I need to be productive.”

These are constant things I hear and also tell myself on a daily basis when it comes to the projection of my self-worth. If I’m not doing something productive or if I’m not busy then I feel like I’ve become a disgusting slob for that day. The more slob like days I have, the more I want to rip my shirt into many pieces: I hate not being productive.

But, in time I’m learning that there is a big difference between productivity, staying busy, doing enough, and actually making things happen. What do I mean?

Making Things Happen

Currently I’m not making things happen. Yes, I’m writing this blog piece and will soon will write an article for Thought Catalog – all in the name of continuing the practice and awareness of my authorship – happen.

However, the rest of my life is just focused on planning interviews (for my other project) and outreaching to potential clients to potentially work together.

I may contact these individuals and have a book calendar, but it is not until that I complete and publish these interviews – it is not until these potential clients reply back with a meeting time and a proposed business agenda – is when I’ll actually making things happen.

Right now, I’m making things NOT happen. 60% of it is a waiting game, the other 40% is working through the process of trying to make things happen. See, making things happen is not about being busy or even about being productive. It means completing projects and pushing it out there to the world (in my case) to view.

Therefore, you really need to understand the difference between busywork and making things happen work. Sometimes you need to do busywork: check e-mail, plan interviews, reach out to potential clients, make business proposals, and organize your workstation(s). But, you should always be working hard and smart towards making things happen.

How do you know the difference?

The difference is the effect you’re having when you’re doing work. If what you’re doing affects yourself worth (company worth) in a positive way – either be it monetary, socially, or virally – then you’re making something happen.

Making things happen is more of accomplishing tasks than doing tasks.

Accomplish vs Doing.

You’ll figure it out.
Thanks for reading

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