Marathon vs Sprinting

It’s strange.

In the past I’ve helped (or managed) YouTube channels whose videos have gotten hundreds / if not millions of views. And, recently I did a video that grew to around 2,000+ views (still climbing) organically – and I’ve never ever felt so excited in my life! It could be because i) I wasn’t expecting these amount of views. ii) It grew organically (didn’t do any spamming on other channels). iii) It’s my own.

If you haven’t seen the video, here it is:

Anyway, this post is about Marathon vs. Sprinting…


Sprinting right away and keeping that speed can be one of the most accelerating feelings in the world. Not many people can do it as it takes some luck, help, and really great (in a viral sense) content: everything needs to match up perfectly.

However, sprinting can also be detrimental if you do not keep that speed from which you started. Why? Well, you start off very strong so there is this inherent feeling that you are the shit. I’m not going to lie, when we started Simple Misfits and the videos on the channel reached millions – I thought we were the shit.

Side Note: I no longer worked with Simple Misfits after its third video. With that said, I still have a lot of emotional attachment to the channel.


When the views started to dwindle down and I began to realize that starting off strong and then going down can hurts one’s own motivation to continue. I’m not saying Simple Misfits will ever stop climbing.

Sprinting is not a negative, but I do think that getting ahead right away isn’t as fun as running a Marathon.

Marathons Are Fun

The Marathon of life means you take each day in strides. It means every single day you’re working towards new experiments, new resources, and doing everything you can to “make it.”

Marathons make the small wins feel GLORIOUS and even though you don’t climb to the top right away – you begin to understand that you’ll get there. Running a Marathon will make the weak quit because it takes a ton of tenacious effort to continue when you feel like you’re barely getting anywhere.

Right now I feel like my Marathon extends far more than 26 miles. When it comes to my writing, my YouTube channel, my side business (I’ll showcase soon), and even my relationships with people – they all move so slowly – and I can only keep pushing myself in hopes that something great will happen.

My writing is going better (as I’ve said before regarding my Thought Catalog shares). My YouTube channel + everything else needs more work. But, I’m happy to say that my YouTube channel is just a side thing for now as I’m working 95% of time on my side business project.

I’m not going to lie when I say it’s hard, but I’m not going to give up. I just have to keep improving and make sure I’m giving it my all – no matter how small the goal may seem to be. So, to everyone out there, just keep going – don’t stop – won’t stop – and do your best to keep improving.

Thank you for reading.

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