The money I’m receiving (monthly payment) is a little late and it’s bugging me. I’m doing my best to stay patient, but I have a few medical bills I need to pay this coming Monday. In addition,  I just paid my taxes (XX,XXX). You could say I’m running a bit low. Thank god I’ve been budgeting but it means I have to be very very careful this weekend: if I go over my budget – uh oh. I do not want to dip into my emergency funds.

I’m currently with my girlfriend and she can see it on my face that I’m worried about the coming week. It’s annoying her because my attitude isn’t as energetic as usual. It happens.

I recently am budgeting everything by hand (in a notebook) and if I ever receive my check, I’m going to setup exactly the amount of money I need for NEXT month’s expenses. I think you should plan to do this – the more months you’re ahead for your next month’s expenses = you will never go broke.

It’ll be good to be one ahead.

There is this saying that 80% of Californian’s live paycheck to paycheck. I hope to not fall under this 80%. But, I’m headed there – I’ve been there – and I’m scared I’ll be there soon.

I’m stressed. But, I think I’ll be fine and here is why:

My girlfriend. I love her a ton and it would be the worst decision of my life to fuck up with my finances. Yes I spend a lot of money on her, but I spend way more money on me – and it’s usually in the most irresponsible way. Imagine if I just budgeted it correctly – I could definitely just, more often, hang out with her without the concern of financial backing.

She and I have made an agreement that if I ever go into a state of financial issues (it’s happened too many times before) – it is crucial that we take a break. It’s a mutual decision that I actually am enforcing. This is a sexist thing to say, but if I was a woman – especially a hot / gorgeous woman – I would do the same.

I know I’m an amazing guy with a wonderful personality and a healthy body. In addition, I’m not that bad of a looker. But, money helps keep a relationship lasting long. #truth. It’s an appropriate hashtag.

I’m tenacious and have an understanding of what it means to be broke. I’m obviously broke right now and I will probably be broke for a while. However, I’ve been “living on the streets type” broke before. I never ever ever ever wants to be in that same position ever again. This past experience is what keeps me awake at night and makes me careful not to flush down the money I make.

Things That Can Destroy Me

I have a gambling problem.

That’s about it.

I’ve lost thousands gambling.

I should stop.

Alright. Blog. It’s Saturday.

Thanks for reading. See you tomorrow.

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  • Lubos Menus

    You better stop gambling man!

    • The plan is to stop. But I can’t say I’ve stopped until I get my check. I have a reason not to gamble (broke as f**k). Once I get that check… that’s the real test. If I do well then… well I can say that I’ve officially stopped.

      • Lubos Menus

        I’ll give you one more – if you don’t stop I will come down to LA or wherever you are and punch you for this haha. Gambling is fun for rich people, don’t do it unless you belong among them.

  • Adrian

    Why not just stop spending money on her, I would hope the guys at SimplePickup gave you some advice. And what kind of girlfriend would not stay with you through thick and thin, even if you say we should take a break if I go broke?

    Nice blog btw.