Embarrassed to Broadcast My Work. Should You?

I just published my newest video. There are a lot of snappy moments and it doesn’t really tell a fluent story. It can be confusing. However, I wanted to publish it so I could make sure people (who follow me) knew why I was / am in Utah at this moment.

So, with the many flaws, I’m really embarrassed to promote the video on my personal facebook page, twitter, or even here for that matter. I’m not going to and hopefully when my channel grows – this will be one of the videos that I will delete from my arsenal.

I’m headed to about 6 videos and the next video I’m working on should get over 1,000 views. The goal is to have a stream of 1000+ viewed videos for the next few weeks.

There is a lot of my mind right now. I know this is a very short post. I’ll probably throw up some “How To Get a Girl’s Number” type post tomorrow because I really miss writing those. ūüėÄ

And, last note. I want to say – that even though everything is a slow start… I’m really happy at the moment: but more later.


Throw Content Till It Sticks: Shipping on YouTube

According to Seth Godin, a prolific name in the marketing world, says thatresistance will do whatever it can to slow you down and average you out.”The resistance he is talking about are the outside and internal factors that deter you from completing a project, writing a paper, or in my case (maybe yours) – uploading a YouTube video.

This is a grave issue because resistance can overcome your body and stall you from doing anything. If you let it, resistance will keep you and your goals idle as everyone else passes you by. 

So how do you overcome resistance?

You Ship: Shipping
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Sunday. Tuesday. Thursday.




I made it very clear on my Twitter and YouTube channel that I will be putting out videos every Sunday. Tuesday (Sometimes). Thursday. I’m not going to lie when I say that I am NOT¬†a big of a fan with my newest episode.¬†But I’m glad I published – something.¬†This mentality is actually a good thing because, even though I’m not happy with the episode, I’m essentially training myself to follow through with my schedule.

In the past I’ve waited and waited to put something out because I thought it wasn’t a good enough¬†episode or video. I do care about quality, however, what I need right now is to push myself to create a habit of consistently uploading content on my YouTube channel.

I’ll worry about quality as time moves forward. Remember, uploading consistent content is a great – but having a line of shitty content won’t grow the channel. But one thing at a time. Inch by inch is a cinch.

This moment, I’m working on uploading consistently.
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The money I’m receiving (monthly payment) is a little late and it’s bugging me. I’m doing my best to stay patient, but I have a few medical bills I need to pay this coming Monday. In addition, ¬†I just paid my taxes (XX,XXX). You could say I’m running a bit low. Thank god I’ve been budgeting but it means I have to be very very careful this weekend: if I go over my budget – uh oh. I do not want to dip into my emergency funds.

I’m currently with my girlfriend and she can see it on my face that I’m worried about the coming week. It’s annoying her because my attitude isn’t as energetic as usual. It happens.

I recently am budgeting everything by hand (in a notebook) and if I ever receive my check, I’m going to setup exactly the amount of money I need for NEXT month’s expenses. I think you should plan to do this – the more months you’re ahead for your next month’s expenses = you will never go broke.

It’ll be good to be one ahead.

There is this saying that 80% of Californian’s live paycheck to paycheck. I hope to not fall under this 80%. But, I’m headed there – I’ve been there – and I’m scared I’ll be there soon.

I’m stressed. But, I think I’ll be fine and here is why:
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If She Calls You Dude. You’re in the Friendzone.

I spent the last 30 minutes grocery shopping with my partner at Trader Joes. We’re a cooking couple and she buys so many absurd healthy things that when I eat her food my bowel movements become very solid – blissful events: not too soft, not too hard, and not so abundant. Perfection.

As we were shopping around I noticed that we both called each other “Honey.” “Honey can you hand me the almond butter.” “Honey could you help me with this.” “Honey blah blah.” You get the idea. I’m observing the syntax of our verbal exchange when I remember something that my friend says to his partner.

Me: Honey, did you know that XXXX calls his girlfriend Dude.

Her: Okay. So?

Me: Well, don’t you think that’s offensive? I would never call you Dude.

Her: I wouldn’t be offended. It’s just a word.

Me: But the word “Dude” represents friendship, connotes Friendzone. When I say to a girl, “what up¬†DUDE?” I’m automatically putting her in the Friendzone.

Her:¬†That’s your opinion. But there’s nothing saying that you’re putting someone into the friendzone if you call them Dude.¬†It’s just a word. I don’t feel like we’re discussing, I feel like we’re debating.

After a few more minutes of scuffling…

Her:¬†We’re going nowhere. Let’s drop it.

Me:¬†Alright, but I’m going to write this on my blog.

Why The Word “DUDE” Should NOT Be Used on Your Partner
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