Podcast Stat Update – One Day Launch

In my last post I told you the strategy I’m using to promote my 4 / 5 day a week podcast. For a quick recap, here is what I’m doing:

1. Interviewing people in advanced so I have a ready made archive.

2. Giving each interviewee the social links (sound cloud, direct link, facebook share) of their podcast when it goes live.

3. Having a few Twitter Peeeps (who have 1,000 – 10,000 followers) tweet out a certain podcast episode: stripper episode

4. Have a mailing list so I can remind people about the upcoming episodes.

5. Start pushing out the podcast on all my media channels (YouTube to Facebook)

6. Wrote an article on Thought Catalog to push people to the Stripper episode.

7. Ask other Podcasters out there to be on their show (Guest Appearances).

8. Ask audience members to review my podcast because I only have eight weeks to get on the New & Noteworthy on Itunes (Free Advertisement).

I haven’t done all of these steps. So, let me recap what I’ve done with the steps above, how it’s affected the stats, what is working, and the next steps to figure out how to make this podcast grow.


As of right now the site has been up for 13 hours (3pm). I have a total of 600+ unique listens and one soundcloud share. I’m not happy, but I’m not complaining because it’s not too bad for someone who really doesn’t have a big audience anywhere else on the internet. I’m a naked baby in a big world.

But, no excuses. I will have 100,000 listens in 30 days. This is my goal.

What I’ve Done?


My article was published on Thought Catalog article.

Though it has 9.3k social shares, I think I overlooked how often people click the links outside of Thought Catalog. Looking at my google analytics – fewer than 50 people came directly from the article. I don’t think people click on an author’s website (the signature Thought Catalog gives every writer) because it’s a text link so it gets hidden in the internet weeds.


The tweets from these twitter friends have yet to happen. They said they’re going to do it Thursday. We’ll see, I’m just going to keep hounding them… nicely.


I setup the mailing list. It’s one of those “Hello Bars,” which means it’s a dropdown menu that pops down from the top of the website. It only has 5 unique subscribers (7 total if you account my test accounts! Ha!).

I think the reason why I don’t have more is because I’m making the big mistake of having it at the top of the website instead of everywhere.

HelloBar is nice but I need to have the email notification to be on every-single-page of each podcast article. I need to code that into the site ASAP. I don’t know if I can code that… hm.

It’s crazy how much coding I’ve done for this site. I’m a php, mysql, cs, wordpress editor prince (not king)! The downside of learning how to code these past few months is the fact that my butt has lost its plumpness… yes I care about that stuff.

Anyway, It’s important people sign up. It’s imperative. An email is one of the most valuable things when it comes to marketing because it’s the most direct you’ll ever be with your followers.


I told each person (5) that their podcast is up and I did give them their social links. Sadly, only ONE interviewee shared their podcast.

I know exactly what I did wrong. I didn’t give them a call to action. Instead I was too passive with my requests. I said:

“here are you social links and you can use them IF you want to…”

So now I’m going to be more aggressive by telling them this:

“Please help the show and spread your XXX name to the world by sharing your podcast. I’ve made it easy for you:”

It’s not verbatim but I will be more concise and aggressive.

I’m really working really hard because for once, I’m not unsure what I want to do when it comes to creating an online presence: writing & podcasting. It sucks because if you’re great at YouTube you’ll be more recognized & usually be followed by a younger audience. Oh well. You have to do what you’re better at in terms of passion and talent.

Everything Else?

YouTube / My Own Social Shares

I have yet to make a YouTube video and change all my links. I’ve changed the banners, but I haven’t made an announcement.

Nor have I tweeted / facebooked my podcast page. I’m an idiot. (First, I know my YouTube channel doesn’t get a lot of views (averaging 1-2k views a video. I have to make better content. But, I care more about my podcast site because it’s something I think I’m better at than YouTube – let’s be honest).

So every YouTube video I make will direct people to the podcast.


I have an archive, but I realize some podcasts have audio problems or are not really as interesting as others. But, this doesn’t mean I’m not going to use them – it just means I need to either warn the listener when they start or just cut a bunch of things out… this is what I did with the Sixth & Second episode (Yikes. Sorry).

In addition, I’ll stack the week with good ones in the beginning of the week and end of the week. This means I’ll be putting the “not so interesting” ones in the middle of the week. However, to me, every interviewee is amazing – but people tend to tell people that I’m amazed by everything (hmmm).

Again, It’s not that they’re boring. It’s just not for everyone unless the listener is really, really, really interested in that type of career.

So, I need to stock up on more archived podcasts.

So far I have Miss California, a charismatic Systems Engineer, a Hardware Engineer who designed top secret rockets for the government (I don’t know how to get all my questions answered on this one… erg), and a person who writes for Family Guy – booked.


I should ask my listeners to write a review. However, I don’t think asking on the actual podcast is a good thing because when people listen they’re usually doing something else. I’m thinking of making a popup on the website when I get to 30 episodes? Damn. Another coding problem. Maybe I’ll just get a wordpress plugin… but what about CUSTOMIZATION? Decisions.

Guest Podcasting

No time (I am working full time at a hardware / tech startup. In addition, I’ve only emailed five people today. I’ll get on it, faster.

This is about it. I hope to update you on everything throughout my time building up this podcast. I apologize for the grammatical errors but I need to write this as fast as I can while this is fresh in my mind. I have to go to lunch (yes a 3:30pm lunch! Ha!).

I’ll keep you updated. Thanks for reading.

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