Practice Prepares You To Be The Best

The way to be prepared is to practice your skill until you get close to killing yourself. It’s like holding your breathe under water. You want to practice until your body says “I NEED AIR.” Come up, rest, and then repeat.

No matter if it’s snowing, raining, hailing, or some other force is holding you back – you need to go out and dive into practice. This may seem cliche to say, but I feel everyone needs to be reminded of well known parables for them to actually proceed with its motto.

This is why it’s important…

It’s important because no matter how talented you are, no matter how many times you’ve practiced before, if you stop practicing – you leave yourself room for error. Practice allows you to get the kinks out of your system. Practice is not about perfection, practice is all about getting rid of the toxins in your body.

For example, I didn’t want to write a blogpost today because I labeled myself as tired and also stated that I have writer’s block. However, I know that the only way I will finish my book and have a career in writing is to… write.

So, the only way to get rid of these toxins, writer’s block & laziness, is to force myself to open up my laptop, log into my site’s content management system (wordpress), and start typing… anything.

I’m not going to leave my seat until I produce a written work.

You can start off half-ass, but make sure you end on a high note.

In my case I tend to start out by typing out random letters and it produces a non-sensical paper with subjects and sentences that do not match whatsoever. I’m just writing, which is a good thing, but typing up random letters means I’m just warming up for my practice session. Then, after about a half-hour or so… I start to write sensical things.

A good practice session leaves you sweating, leaves you thinking “I created or produced or did something worthwhile.” A good practice session leaves you better prepared for the next time and the next time after that and the next time after that. A good practice session helps ingrain your subconscious to make your skills naturally appear and excel at any moment of anytime.

I look at this like as I see a great pianist. A pianist is merely playing a piece that she has learned through a sheet of paper that has notes written every which way on its scribe. However, a GREAT pianist, is someone who has practiced playing the piece so much that now the piece has become a part of who she is, it’s in her subconscious, it’s in her blood, and now she’s able to do whatever the hell she wants with the piece while she’s playing.

You’ll hear the melodic improvisations and show-offs that she does to make this ordinary piece, her own. This is what practice does. It makes you great.

The more you do, the more you’ll learn, the more you’ll get better, and the more you’ll be prepared to be great. The secret isn’t to be scared to practice. This means that you SHOULD also practice in public. Yes, showcase your work in front of others. It’ll leave you open to experience critiques and other known things that are supposed to happen when you publicize something. It’s training.

Don’t be afraid.

For example, even though I’m practicing my writing skills – I’m clicking the “publish button” for all of you to see. It allows me to create this habitual momentum of making my work public… which is my end goal anyway.

It may seem weird at first or even downright embarrassing because the work you’ll be producing may not be the best at first. But through time it’ll just get better.


Producing work and making it public is a good thing, however, please be aware regarding what is working and not working with your work. If you keep practicing shitty skills and shitty things that just don’t work… well – you’ll be wasting valuable time that could be used to practice on something more worthwhile.

I’m just saying.

Alright, stop talking about what you’re going to do and start getting to work. Practice, practice, practice, – so you’re prepared to the be the best.

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