Your Relationship & Career Can Work in Unison

I was going to originally write this for Thought Catalog. But, I’m not going to because I think it’ll lose its value as a post (it’s too personal). Also, I’m in a rush and I’m not in the mood for grammatical criticism from Thought Catalog readers…

A couple of days ago I said that having a girlfriend can limit you from your successes. I’ve been thinking it over and I think I was wrong. I think. These past few days I’ve been able to really reflect on how lucky and fortunate I am to have such an amazing partner. Let me explain…

I worked a ton this weekend because the holiday seasons means I will be spending a lot of money, which means time means I need to make more money. Therefore, I wasn’t home spending time with my girlfriend. And, my partner was very cool with my absence. Her patience reminded me how much she cared about my well being to do well in the things I’m pursuing.

However, with that said, my girlfriend isn’t a maid or some concubine that I use at my command. She is a person and I need to schedule her in my life.

She is a person who I love and cherish with all my heart and soul. Therefore, if I want to keep this relationship strong I need to also make an effort to cultivate our relationship. So, I made a genuine effort to block out time and we spent time this weekend just hanging out. It’s tiring but it’s worht every second.

This is just a blah post. I’m just saying.

She’s the best.

Hashtag Happiness.

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