It’s 5:37 am in the morning and I’m rushing this post because I’m headed out to help a friend with her commercial shoot. She needs someone to reserve a public tennis court & I answered her call! I believe Karen (friend) is an amazing individual who produces magnificent works and I will always support her endeavors.

Helping Karen, is in reality, helping myself because I learn so much when I work with her. In addition, I’m in need for some tennis. Anyway, where was I going with this post? Oh. Smiles.

The original title of this blog post was called “Lows & Highs,” because I’m my manic-mind is going through some turmoil at the moment. But, I don’t have time to write about my mania and instead will write about “Smiles.” Ha.

What Makes Me Smile?

When I make someone else smile. Yes, I can go watch a comedy, read a funny play, or even think of happy memories to trigger the on-switch of my inner laugh track. But, it doesn’t make me smile. I grin, I chuckle, I reminisce. I don’t smile.

I smile when someone else smiles. I get giddy when someone else laughs. I jump up with enthusiastic bliss when I see their eyes light up with pure joy! I could be witnessing this momentous occasion or, better yet, participating in an action that leads to this person’s happiness.

Either way.

Someone else’s happiness MAKES ME HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!

It’s simple really.

I don’t know why.

If you think about it – it’s selfish.

Till then.

I have to go!

Thanks for listening.

– Daly City, CA. 5:50am

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