Social Media Challenge Update #1: Slow Growth

To put some context behind this post, please refer to the original article, “IT’S TIME. Time for The Social Media Challenge

I’m writing to update you on my progress so far. I’m not going to lie, I really hate writing these update posts, however, it’s the only way I can stay accountable.

side note: saying the word accountable, makes me think of “The Count” on Sesame Street. This is exactly what I need, a make-believe puppet facetiously slapping me in the face, all awhile counting every single mistake that led to the reason why my social media channels stay dormant. 


I’ll make this short.

I didn’t do well in March…


I didn’t post anything new on my YouTube channel. I may have replied to a few comments, but all-in-all I didn’t upload anything new. Therefore, I’m still sitting on around 14,000 subscribers with 31 active videos.

Curious? here are the complete stats if you’re interested:

I’m currently working on a YouTube video right now, and it is the hope that this video will start the momentum train moving again.


I gained 52 new followers in the last 30 days.

One thing that helped with my twitter growth was a few retweets from twitter accounts much bigger than mine:

Sara Dietschy has 43k twitter followers and her retweet helped boost my account to gain 14 new followers that day. The remainder of the time, I find myself tweeting aimlessly.


My instagram account is hopeless. I only posted one photo and, based off of my following, it got less than 5% engagement. Blah.

I mean, what do you expect? This is what happens when you don’t post content on your channels: your channels plummet into the abyss. It’s sad really, and there is no one to blame but myself.

This is why I hate writing these posts, but I must, because I must stay accountable: sharing all the good, the bad, and the really bad.


I did fairly better on Facebook then on any other platform. Why? Because I posted three videos. Here are the stats:

I gained 1,198 new likes on the page. I was able to do this by i) posting on my page, but more importantly, by collaborating with George Takei. To clarify, I have a connection where I’m able to create content for George’s FB page and he repays by tagging your page in the description.

If you’re a small creator who wants to be noticed, creating content for a bigger Facebook page is your best bet to be seen: make sure they tag you in the description! For example, the video I made for George’s page ended up getting 4.3 million views!

He was happy because of the views, and I was happy because of the tag! 

I posted the same video on my FB page and it received 120k views with over 1.1k reactions. The reason why the stats are so different, even though it’s the same content, is due to the size of my page vs George’s page: I only have 20k followers, he has 8 million, AND he posts multiple times per day.

Therefore, his reach and engagement is already in a situation where good content has a better chance to fly.

side rant: I think this is my biggest gripe with Facebook. I wish if two pages posted the same content, that the original owner of said content would receive all the views and keep all the reactions that either page accrues. But oh well, at least George tagged me in his post.  

Alright, we’re almost done with this update.

Ending Notes: New Learnings

I cannot stress this enough, if you want to grow, you must first produce content. You can have the best marketing strategy in the world, you can have all the connections in the world, and you may even have an unlimited monetary budget to push out content. But, if you’re not creating anything… the aforementioned is pointless.

Why have I not posted anything? I could call it laziness, I could call it lack of inspired, I could call it being swapped with work. The list goes on and on with excuses. But, there is one reason worth noting: I don’t want to upload anything I don’t find meaningful.

Yes, meaningful.

The content I want to upload must touch my heart, must invoke a feeling, must bring back memories, it must tell a story that touches others in an impactful way: it must be more than just entertaining.

And, that’s hard to do with my schedule.

There’s only so much bandwidth one can have throughout the day. I will say that I’m coming close to publishing something meaningful. A story which I hope moves people… brings us back to the days of romantic comedies and high school John Hughes movies.

Once it’s published then I’ll worry about the marketing.

For now.

All I want to do is create meaningful content.

And, I hope, I really hope, I make the time to make the content that is floating in my head. Come on Jonathan! Get to it…

We’ll see.

Till then.

This is my update.

Thanks for listening.
Hint Office – San Francisco
6:27 PM

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