Something New

I want to get to the above message in a second, but first I want to let you know that today is a little different.

I’m awake at 3:32 am in the morning, not because of worry. I’m awake because of optimistic scatter. This is a good thing because it’s a different feeling than days from the past.

Anyway, what is optimistic scatter? This is a really good question as I absolutely positively made up this concept while writing this all out.

Optimistic scatter is when you have the physical and mental energy to begin working on the creative ideas rambling around in your head, however, you don’t know where to start. Thus, keeping you in absolute limbo.

I have the camera in front of me, I’ve cleaned my room, I’ve planned my week and yet, my brain is a scatter of thoughts after thoughts knowing I have to start and finish at least something before the morning ends.

But where do I begin?

This is why I’m writing right now, because I need a place I know that keeps me grounded. Yes, this place, this place where I write. This place where I feel most familiar, it keeps me in check.

Alright, let’s talk about the message I pasted at the start of this post.


Recently, someone sent me this message:

“try challenging yourself to make videos you’d never try before // you only grow if you push yourself past your comfort zone”

She’s right.

One of the main things I’ve learned this year is how when I begin something new, and I start getting good at it, I end up self-sabotaging myself to a point where I’m forced to halt the progress of that “something new.”

Then, when I begin getting back on my feet, instead of going back to this “something new” I end up going to another direction, or worse, falling back into creating outdated content.

I need to challenge myself and push past my comfort zone. What does this mean? It means more than simply trying something new, it means I need to be consistent in these new challenges I’m pursuing.

Currently, I’m writing a short film I hope to film in the summer.

Currently, I’m thinking of changing my YouTube content where it’s not vlog format or uber format. I’m thinking more on the lines of commentary. I did this only ONCE before. Let’s see if I can make it a thing…

Currently, I began a new YouTube channel where I host a podcast.

Let’s begin there.

Let’s begin there.

I’m in the mood to begin challenging myself.

Thanks for listening.

It feels good to be awake and writing for the simple reason that I’m an optimistic buggary bee right now.

Thanks for listening.

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  • Lubos

    Good luck!