The NO SEX Challenge: The Best Motivation to Complete Your Goals?

I think I’m fortunate to have a partner who reciprocates the need and want for sexual intercourse. However, I realize that my availability to coitus has made it impossible for me to accomplish the goals I’ve set for myself this year.

Am I saying that sex is a distraction? Yes. The copulation between my partner and I have led to my own unproductive habits. This is why I’ve decided to try out the NO SEX challenge. There are countless others, like David Asprey (author of Bulletproof), who have participated in this endeavor. If they can do it and succeed. why can’t I?

Of course his was a 30 day challenge.

Mine is NO SEX until I accomplish my goals.

I’m not going to lie but I actually tried this feat a week ago and… I failed. She even said, “are you sure you want to do this?” HELL YEAH! I¬†even made an excuse, “I worked really hard this week… it’s okay.” Then, the moment happened. ūüėÄ

Yes, I failed. I cheated. And, I don’t feel bad because it was a great experience (we just connect). However, I’m stuck at the same place again where I’m no closer to accomplishing my goals for this year. This is why I’m going to restart this challenge, but I’m going to do a few different things so that way I don’t fail. Let me explain…

Why No Sex?

Motivation. Think of it like a punishment on myself and, in a weird sense, a punishment on my partner. It’ll give her more of an incentive to keep me on track. I think she can fair well in the first few weeks. But, I think it’ll get to her as time goes by as she is a young human being who has cravings as any person should.

The Goals I NEED to Accomplish Before I Can…

1. Have a total of 2,000 YouTube Subscribers. 

This means I need to start posting more on my YouTube channel. Quality videos rule the world. I think (before) they were doing fairly well in the beginning (without promotion). It’s time I get back on the wheel house. I have a plan starting next week (Wow this means I won’t be having sex for at least a week!).

Let’s do this thing.

2. Have a total of 500 Twitter Followers

My twitter following can only grow if I do well with my YouTube channel, Writing, & Podcast. The more exposure I get from my work equates to the bigger possibility that my social media channels will grow. Again, more motivation to produce quality work.

Let’s do this thing.

3. Have a total of 500 Facebook Followers

I don’t even have a Facebook Page setup yet. Can you believe that nonsense? I think the plan would be to post videos on my Facebook page (need to create one) & have an announcement at the end of the video telling people to join my facebook page.

Let’s do this thing.

4. Have a total of 700 Instagram Followers

I have around 372 followers on instagram. I’ve been trying to post really cool photos every single day. The “likes” are increasing as my previous pictures were getting about a 2% click like-rate. I’m a little proud of myself because the most recent photo received a 12% click like-rate. Again, this will grow only when if my work does well. This will also grow if I continue to post pictures.

Let’s do this thing.

5. Consistently Exercise. 

The last time I looked really good was during my senior year of college (2009 – 2010). I swam, lifted, and ate really well. I had a four pack, I was toned… hell even I would’ve wanted to f*ck myself.

Times have changed where I look more tired (bags and dark circles under my eyes), more stressed (face sagging and acne), my teeth are turning yellow (not brushing often or white strips), I don’t dress well (been wearing baggy clothes), and worst of all, I’m getting a gut (and my butt isn’t as plump). Holy Shit. HORRIBLE.

Time to get my shit together.

Let’s do this thing.

6. Complete my 60 friend list Christmas Cards

I¬†told myself that I would send handmade Christmas Cards to 60 of my closest friends. However, I haven’t even started. It’s okay because these letters will make their day (no matter when I send them) and as long as I send them before March I win. However, now that I started this “NO SEX CHALLENGE” I think I’ll get them done before March.

I love my friends. And, I love my penis.

Let’s do this thing.

7. 1,000 listened podcast in a day. 

The most I’ve ever accomplished was 500 listens in a day for a single episode. I need to push myself and at least get one episode to reach 1,000 listens in a day. I have 1,500 subscribed podcast listeners. I can do this… right? HOLY. I can feel myself crying a little inside as I write this.

It sucks because I haven’t been consistent… Oh well. Time for an uprising.

This means I need to have a minimum of TWO podcasts published a week on my podcast site. Well, this is going to be exciting.

Let’s do this thing.

8. Minimum of Two Thought Catalog Articles A Week

During this challenge I should always be writing TC Articles. If I fail then NO MATTER WHERE I AM IN THIS CHALLENGE I cannot have sex for three weeks.

Let’s do this thing.

9. Have a 10,000 shared article on Thought Catalog.

This will force me to write amazing content.

Let’s do this thing.

10. Write on This Blog

I must write in this blog at least once a week. This is should be simple enough. I would love to actually write more, but I’m really busy and I think I’ve setup enough goals for now. This is fair. In fact, writing once a week should mean that I’m not writing shitty articles.

Let’s do this thing.

11. Read 5 Fiction Novels & 5 Non-Fiction Books (sales / self help / etc). 

To prove (to myself) that I’ve read them I will write these books down in my notebook and then write a paragraph (or more) my thoughts on the book(s).

Let’s do this thing.

12. Write 10 Chapters of My Novel

Yep. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it needs to be something.

Let’s do this thing.

13. $X in my bank account.

I like to keep my financial statement private. But, I will say that I’ve set a goal to myself.

Let’s do this thing!

How Will I Avoid Sex?

It’s pretty simple: I will not put myself in positions where sex can become a possibility. This means that I will not jump into bed until my partner is sleeping. I will not jump into bed with just my boxers.

I will say that Cuddling is okay as long as I’m wearing pants.

I will NOT cuddle too long.

I need to avoid hulu, netflix, and any other distraction. I need to stick to reading, exercising, working, and putting myself in situations where I’m creating habits / rituals towards inspiration.

What about pleasing my partner?

I don’t want her to suffer.

I will and can go down on my partner.

I think it would be unfair if I left my partner totally dry. I can’t promise you that I will update you. But, I can promise you that I will get this done.

This may take one month, two months, or the entire year. But, looking how my penis is slowly erecting right now (as I think of my partner) I think I’m going to (NEED TO) accomplish these goals faster.

Oh. Also, (obviously) I can’t masturbate. Wet dreams are a-ok.

Does anyone want to try this?

If so, update me along the way (just post below this post as I will subscribe to the thread).

Thanks for listening.

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  • Good luck Jonathan! But as long as you want to do all of these goals before having sex again your pants are going to explode