The Three P’s of YouTube

What I’ve learned from building YouTube channels, is how difficult it can be in the beginning: every single episode must be perfect, every episode should be setting up the next episode, and every episode should be promptly uploaded on a specific time and date. Then, even after following this formula, you have to wait at least 3-4 months to see if your efforts mean anything.

It’s the three P’s




and it stresses me the fuck out…

I’m starting a new series on YouTube. I’m essentially starting over. I’m nervous as shit… ah!

The patience part is actually the easiest. The hardest to deal with is the perfection and persistence part. It’s difficult because perfection needs time. I tell my clients to always give me a couple of weeks or a month to make a really killer campaign.

However, this is YouTube.

People aren’t patient.

You need to be publishing content exponentially.

Ideally 2-3 times a week.

Currently, my time is set for one video a week.

This means it better be worth the wait for people…

Which means the video must be perfect.

I’m sighing because the first episode, to me, isn’t perfect due to some last minute changes. And, my obsessive mind can’t let it go…

It’s hard to detach emotions when analyzing your personal work.

Again… remember to detach yourself from your work and making compromises to “how you view perfection” is so hard… especially when you set deadlines and have high expectations of yourself to perform.

With that said, I have to move forward and just attack my fear straight on: pushing myself through this stress, fear, and anxiety to deliver a product… if I’m able to accomplish this task, then it means I actually wanted it.

This is more than me because if you think about it, I’m not really accountable to myself, I’m accountable to the person I hired (so they’re able to eat), and I’m accountable to my audience (who are watching).

It feels so good to write.

Back to work

Here we go!

Thanks for listening
In a garage in LA



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