The Trials of Being a Writer (Part 2)

A few days ago I told ya’ll the struggles a writer faces every single day.

In the post I told you that I would update you in regards to a Thought Catalog article I was writing: the assignment was to NOT think of writing a viral piece but rather writing a piece for myself. A writing piece that was polarizing to my my beliefs without the worry for a mass appeal. (Regardless how small the group, I was writing to please myself and the people who share my same values. Basically, exactly the same way how I write in this blog).

It was the best thing I did because the piece was really easy to write! It did take me a few hours to make sure the piece was polished, but at least I wasn’t having a headache (or a tantrum) trying to figure out what to write. I’m happy: you can view it here.

I’m even happier with the number of views, shares, and comments! I swear, it feels good to have something published again. This entire process was very insightful and I’m writing this post to share what I learned.

Love to Be Yourself 

This may sound very cliche but I think “loving to be yourself” is the very thing that will keep you entirely happy. Not everyone will love what you write, but at least the people who do join your little army will be people who make you happy.

I think when you take the safe side and try to please everyone (forcing yourself to write a viral piece you don’t really believe in)… it will lead you to the unattended consequence of actually becoming the opposite of the success you attended: a failed writer or a failed whatever thing you’re pursuing.

If the statement above is a little too ambiguous (which it is), you can read a post I wrote almost a year ago about how to know yourself and connect with others: click here to read.

This concept is something I’m still grappling with as I’m slowly developing a consciousness to proceed with actions that stray away from “trying” to please anyone. I’m slowly making it a point to say and do things that are only attached to my beliefs. I’m not going to lie when I say it’s really hard for me…

Unfortunately, I wish I did this sooner because my people pleasing habits led to the destruction to many of the relationships (business & personal) I have had in my life.

I need to stop trying to please others because the extreme side will make you look duplicitous: I know from experience. Therefore, my social media accounts, my podcast, and any of my future work will showcase more of me and less people pleasing. Hopefully, this advice helps you in anyway.

The second part is…

Do What You Know

I’m only going to write what I know. And, if I want to write something that I really don’t have knowledge of, I’m going do my part and take the time to research the material intently. This means I need to read and practice more before I produce my publications.

This doesn’t mean I’ll be publishing less or delaying my projects. It means that to continue a steady schedule, towards my goals, I must work even harder.

I can already feel my under-eye bags puffing up as I know there are going to be a lot of late nights ahead. Why? Because it takes me a little longer than most to understand a concept. Oh boy, it’s going to be a rough road ahead… oh well. (thank god I don’t know my netflix password and that I cancelled my hulu premium subscription).

This is all I have to say for now. I hope this helps.

Thanks for listening.

Talk to you soon.

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