Vacation Over. Back to Beauty.

There is this goal, since the restart of this blog, that I have to write everyday. However, for the past five days (and till the 31st) I’ve strayed (will stray) away from this blog due to a vacation I had in New York. This is not an excuse, just merely a statement so you and I have an understanding of why I haven’t posted (or will post) in a while.

Five days in internet land is equivalent to one month. I apologize and will stay on top of things again. There are about 100-150 of you who visit the site everyday and I thank you for your readership. I don’t want to let you down.

Today I want to discuss about taking care of your cosmetic look. Yes, I’m going to be talking about the products and things I use to make my face looking healthy. I’m not talking about makeup – I’m talking about lotions, soaps, and routines so that way you can look healthy and refreshed as well.


I’m 25 and the picture on the right is what I look like today (it’s about 8 months old). Personally, besides my tired eyes, I think I look a few years younger than a 25 year old (maybe 23?).

Cosmetic products are important because we live in a society where looking old is frowned upon. Of course compared to a woman, a man doesn’t really have to worry about aging because all he needs is high status and he’ll usually do well, socially. I say that with a little caution, on my end, because I try to look young because it allows me to get away with a lot of things.

For example, a young person who goes out to attack someone for network purposes is less likely to be seen as a creep than someone who looks older. In addition, older looking people are required to be more inclined to have more money, be well established, and have high status (especially if you’re a guy).

Obviously this is a big worry because I’m not that well established in my life / career / influence on others… so I want to look young. Well, I want to look young regardless (like Pharrell: a man who looks like he’s in his 20s but really 42).


I’ve been slacking on my routine, but here are a few things to help.

1: Cold / Warm Showers

Do NOT take really hot showers because it dries out your skin. In addition, hot water will puff up your eyes because it can make your body dehydrate (hence drying out your skin) – so the lack of fluids and blood flow to your eye lids will make your under eye-bags puffy.

Also, try not to take more than 1 shower a day lasting no more than 10 minutes.

2: Cleanser

My favorite cleanser is lush exfoliate. What sucks is that it is expensive ($35), so if I’m not up to treating myself out I use 360 Clean by L’Oreal ($6), which pretty much does the job (not as good as lush though).

It is crucial to use only ONE cleanser because too many products will make you break out. In addition, do your best NOT to use the cleanser everyday. This is a mistake I tend to make on the daily, instead use it every other day (space it out).

Your face needs to let its natural oils take place.

3:  Day & Night Lotion

SPF 15 Aveeno daily lotion is what I use because it’s a great daily lotion that protects my face from the Sun’s harsh UV rays… and the lotion isn’t so thick. You should always be putting Suncreen on because the sun’s light is a cancerous aging machine.

The nighttime lotion I use is a vitamin e based repair cream called First Aid Repair Cream. It’s the best thing because the tub lasts for more than a month & it helps with scratches, burns, rashes, and scars. I am in LOVE with this cream and get a little frustrated if I don’t put it on before I go to sleep.

4: What You Eat & Drink

This is SOOOOO CRUCIAL to keeping your face clear and shiny. (I’m failing in this department and slowly doing better). Here are a few things to remember:

1. Egg Whites

2. Almonds

3. Greens

4. Fruits.

5. Stray away from Red Meat

6. DRINK A TON OF WATER throughout the day.

7. All Around nutrition.

Of course you can have a cheat day once a week. But for the most part stay healthy. I feel like what you eat is 90% of how well your face will age.

5: Exercise

Working out, especially cardio exercises, helps the blood circulate in your body: blood flow is important to keep your skin tight and looking fresh.

6: Stress Less

Sleep well and stress less. (I have trouble with this because I stress a lot). But do your best to calm your nerves and really rest your eyes and body throughout the day. It is crucial to get a full 6-7 hours of sleep a day.

7: Genetics

Remember, some people just have to work harder than others because of their genetics. I know someone who just uses soap and their face is impeccable (I don’t have those genes so I have to work harder)… It all depends.

Ending Notes

As you can see it’s not a lot of work and doesn’t costs a lot of money to keep this routine. I know for a fact that the most you’ll spend on your lotions is less than $35.00.

I think you can save about $40 to purchase products that will last you 2-3 months (so that’s less than $20 a month you have to save).

Running (type of cardio exercise) doesn’t really cost much besides time and shoes. And your nutrition should be cheaper because you’re just purchasing greens, fruits, and I know that chicken is cheaper than other red meat products.

I’m saying that you should take care of your face because it’s the first thing people look at and aging well, organically (without plastic surgery), is the most beautiful looking thing you can do for yourself.

See you in a few days.

Thanks for reading.

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