Being Genuine

It’s close to midnight as I write this piece…

This afternoon I was climbing a  mountainous rock when a loose fragment came apart and fell on my index finger: it’s hilarious to see my index finger bleeding internally. Therefore, I’m in a bit of a conundrum as the lack of feeling to my finger is slowing down my writing process. I’m unable to bring word from thought fast enough and I’m at a point where I have so many things I want to write about.

Excuses. Though valid, they’re still excuses.

Anyway, there is something on my mind right now that relates to everything I’m trying to accomplish: completing my novel, establishing an online writing presence, doing well on YouTube, making sure my podcast episodes are heard by the thousands, and of course, all of these things coming together to establish a brand that influences many.

But Why? And, How?

Let’s start with why…


When I first started unraveling the idea of writing a novel,  it was geared towards an hedonistic idea that people should hear my voice. I thought (still do) I lived an interesting enough life where people would line up to read my story.

It was acrimoniously hedonistic and self-centered. The center theme was to take my affable, gregarious, and ego-centric personality on paper. However, it felt forced because I was trying to push something that didn’t make sense.

The something was “how do I make others happy.” The idea of worrying and judgement brought me to create work that I wasn’t proud of: it showed based on the lack of exposure my work got when it wasn’t genuine.

Basically, the why was fueled with no sense of direction and no solid brand. I wasn’t thinking of the bigger picture: the bigger picture of why people wanted to or why they currently love(d) me in the first place. People don’t care about ideas, they care about the person first.

There is a line in the show Mad Men that rings true in this situation…

Roger Stirling: 80% of this business is depending if the guy likes you or not.

I say this because not all my work lacks luster. If you take a look at my work, you’ll see that the ones that do well, do well because I’m writing or telling a story that makes sense to my genuine self. I’m not pretending. I’m doing what I’m doing because I’m taking a little piece of me and putting it on my creative work.

Let me tell you a secret. It’s not. No one’s life is truly “interesting.”

If you look at this blog you’ll see that I added a tab where you can view all my unlisted videos & work I made sure would disappear into the night sky of the interwebs (changing the author’s name to anonymous).

Please note that just because you’re genuine, doesn’t mean you’ll get tons of exposure. However, people on the internet can spot if something is fake and their more likely to share something that is real than something that was created just to please and cater to the masses. Audiences can spot the difference if something isn’t genuine and it takes hard work to make this happen, which brings me to my next point.


Though you need to be genuine, you need to be always telling a story. Stories drive people to pay attention because everyone wants to know how it ends: it’s a psychological ramble that people are more intrigued to something if they know that it’ll end. 

So How?

What makes one do well in this content driven social media world is their work ethic and understanding their brand. Work ethic is the ability to put in hours upon hours of work to create something that looks easy to make. For example, have you ever seen a YouTuber whose videos reach into the millions and you’re shocked because their videos are about something mundane like a Q&A or something completely ordinary like picking up trash? Well. That’s hard work.

Hard work is making something successful look really easy to make.


Ending Notes

Play your strengths and you’ll go far. For example, Kendell Jenner’s strength is the fact that she was born into social royalty. So, she uses and has used this strength to get to the stardom she’s acquired. If you’re good at being awkward, then use your strength of awkwardness to get you places, there is no point to get all serious.

Thanks for listening.

Oh! If you’re wondering. I will be publishing more YouTube videos in the next few weeks.