Don’t Worry About Fame. Instead, Worry About Creating a Viral Message.

Today, I feel the people who want to be at the center of attention in the social media world are too fixated on their fame. They’re too busying thinking, “Me. Me. LOOK AT ME!” Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bad want because fame is very much needed to be able to be one of the faces in the social media world. However, I do not think “fame” is something you should be worrying about obtaining. Instead, you should be worrying about something else…

A Viral Message:

A Viral Message is something that is either written, videotaped, produced, or anything in between that attracts thousands (if not millions ) of people to pay attention. Regardless if it’s comedic or dramatic – people are essentially listening but more importantly sharing the message to others.

A Viral Message is not fame. Fame is fixated on you, a viral message is a piece centered on the message of the work. Viral messages is what keeps you relevant, is what makes your work a classic, and is what will make you famous. Yes, famous. But it’s a different type of fame because the root isn’t you, rather it’s the message.

You’ll have a better chance getting known and your work going viral if you think what type of message is this telling the masses.┬áLet the message make sense to you and focus on how it can affect others (negatively or positively).

For example, I’ve made a pact with one of the YouTubers I’m working with right now that the messages of our videos will be i) Funny, ii) Real, iii) Happy, and iv) Classic. By sticking to this message we’re essentially not making the videos about him, but ┬áthe videos focused more on our pact. So far it’s working as his few recent videos are reaching in the hundreds of thousands.

I hope to implement this same strategy for my own channel.

So remember, focus on your message than build from there: fame will come.

You got this. As always, thank you for listening.

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