The Letter I’ve Been Writing my Friends

Lately, I’ve taken out construction paper, crayons, and a pen… to write some of my friends a letter from my heart.

I think there is nothing as pure as a written letter. Yes, you can e-mail someone, you can text them a wonderful message, but to sit down and write a letter showcases something quite different.

It shows you’re willing to take the time out of your day, to be meticulous, to let your thoughts flow without a backspace, without a rewrite… people can sense if the letter is written rushed, or fluff, or bleh… because that’s what written letters do.

Writing a letter is nothing but genuine emotion.

So if the letter is able to touch their soul, it shows that you think that they are indeed really important. And lately… I’ve been writing about a couple of letters every other week to certain friends.

Since December I think I’ve done 11?

I have many more to go… but I’ll wait until my heart decides it’s time to write to the others.

Anyway, I’m not here to talk about letter writing, I’ve been thinking about the friends we make, the people we meet in life, and how fleeting it can all be… how in one moment it’s there, but then all gone.

Throughout all the letters, there is a section in one of them that I can’t seem to stop thinking about. I may not have all the words memorized, but I do know the gist and I really want to tell you what I wrote…

In the middle of the letter I wrote this {paraphrasing as best I can}:

When I was a sophomore in college, I was told that “people come and go. it’s how life works and it’s something we all have to deal with…”

I believe this to be true.

I believe that in life we meet people and then they leave us… regardless if we bump into each other again on a sidewalk, or if we meet again up in the clouds… it holds true that people come and go.

When we were kids we never really thought about this… but as we begin to grow, as we begin to gain more experience, as we begin to move, as we begin just to live our lives… we realize that life is just a revolving door of people who come in and out… and it’s something we all just have to go through.

However, throughout all of it… there are a few people who you meet who block the door. You know, the people who shape you, shake you, move you, slap you, and of course hug you for a second.

I’m talking about the people who get stuck in your hippocampus – lodged deep into your memory banks, people who are full of memories that are nostalgically fleeting – yet filled with emotions that are forever full.


You friend.

You are at that someone.

There are no criteria for this thing…

We may have interacted for a day, for a year, for a decade… no matter the time… you have shaped me in such a way where you’re stuck – deep into my memory banks.

I’ve learned so much from you…

… End

Then I continued the letter by writing a couple of specific memories of things they said that helped me become the person I am today. “How they checked me” or, “said that funny thing that made me go ooooh”

I don’t know.

Personally, when I wrote that, I. almost cried.

It’s now something I’ve been thinking about often and I wanted to share it with you (whoever still reads this thing).

Thanks for listening
Saturday – Feb 1st. 2020 (7:43pm)
My Room – Venice, CA