Hacking Facebook: Creating a Viral Page

I’m writing this piece because I think almost every YouTuber should create a viral Facebook Page. It’s a great way for your audience to stay engaged with your brand. And if you’re someone who uses predictive analysis like this page explains, you’ll know that most of all it will help retain your fans to keep following your every move: retention makes your fans loyal to you, trust you, and ultimately make them fight for you in the long run. 

I figure since Facebook’s sharing algorithm keeps changing. I want to give you what I’ve learned, up to this point, before it changes again. If you have any ideas or critiques please comment below. I’m curious.

Case Study

We’re going to use Simple Pickup’s Facebook page as source for this material. Here are their stats (before I left):

Here are just a few posts that have gone viral:

Why Facebook is important:

Studies have shown that 40% of engaged users will end up buying the products you create (lifetime). I feel like I’m acting like a news anchor on Fox News by not making clear which studies these stats come from. So, take it with a grain of salt.

What I do know for certain is that engaged users create brand awareness to new eyes and retains current fans to stick with you. I think of it like this: each user is my friend and for my friends to trust me and take care of me, I have to interact with and take care of them by giving them great content.

The Cons:

Facebook has made it so – that if your post isn’t being liked or shared by your users in the first few minutes, your post WILL NOT go viral. If I post something and no one is liking or sharing in the first few minutes, I delete the post. This means you cannot get overly attached to the meme or the long motivational piece you posted. Even to this day I post things that don’t go viral, and I get a little emotional when I have to click that delete button.

 What to Post?

You need to post things that relate to your brand. For example, Simple Pickup is a pickup company that helps guys pick up girls. So, I’m going to be posting pictures of hot girls, memes about relationships, and inspirational messages on how to become a better man. My goal is to keep our fans horny, laughing, and motivated. Think a lifestyle brand, for men.

Moving on…

Three Truths About The Facebook Audience.


Facebook caters to the lower denominator of society. I’m not saying facebook users are idiots. I’m saying if a post has too much information / too complicated for the brain to take in a minute, it won’t go viral. Most Posts.

The reason is because facebook users scroll through their news feeds like crack addicts: the piece has only a few seconds to resonate with them, if it does, they’ll “like or share.” Period.

Am I telling you to change your brand to cater to adolescent teenage deviants? No, I’m saying create something snappy. How do you do this? Pictures. Facebook is a picture sharing site, so post pictures. It can be tough because the picture needs to stand out, but also match with your brand at the same time. It took me a few months before I could find the formula for our brand. 


Do NOT use stock photos. Facebook users LOVE authentic photos. If you want to post artsy photos, go to Instagram. As you saw the examples of above, the pictures aren’t really snappy: a face with information that is relatable to our brand. I think the more natural you are on Facebook, the better your post will get shared.

A few other notes:

If you want people to go to a page outside of Facebook, attach the website hyperlink with the picture: your post will reach more people. Facebook HATES it when you share links outside of their platform.

For example:

Creating The Post:

Simply, post a photo at around 10am. 1pm. 5pm.

Studies show these times are optimal.

You can schedule these posts to make them easier on you.


Facebook Audiences LOVE drama. If you don’t feel like posting a picture, then the next best thing is to vent or inspire. It  shows your users that you’re human enough to reach out to them for support: it creates trust.

Here is an example:


Facebook Audiences LOVE content. This is why I like to post twice a day. It takes a lot of work to sit down and come up with engaging content. So, don’t half-ass the things you post.

Your End Goal

Listen, a Facebook page isn’t for everyone. I think some companies do better with Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest. But, a strong Facebook page can really help your brand grow organically.

Yeah, don’t be a dumb and pay for Facebook ads because it’s useless to your bottom dollar. Your main goal shouldn’t be about obtaining a massive amount of “likes.” Your goal should be about increasing the engagement of the current “likers” on your page. I would rather have 1000 likes with a 90% loyal engaged fan base, than 10,000 likes with a 4% engagement rate.

So, I told you how to create a viral Facebook page, how do you get people to join your page in the first place? Well… that’s for another time.

Remember, I don’t know everything and I”m still learning. Did I miss anything? Do you have any questions? Do you have anything add?

Thanks so much!