Hacking Twitter: Creating an Active Page

I’m going to be the first to say that I have little knowledge of the Twitter game compared to Facebook. I’m just writing this article to tell you what I do know and trying to maybe figure out more methods of making Twitter accounts grow. The one thing I do know is that if you do have a viral brand, it would be wise of you to promote your twitter on those platforms. The reason why you want to do that is because twitter is important.

Why Twitter Is Important

As I’ve said time and time again, 40% of your engaged audience (in their lifetime) will purchase your products. Also, according to Gary Vaynerchuck (Gary V), Twitter is a great platform to directly talk to your fans: many big corporations are solving their customer service issues with Twitter. In addition, you can understand what your customers / fans want from you. Also, what’s really amazing, is you can spread a message in real time – FASTER. For example, the other day LAHWF set up a live face to face meet and greet with his fans.

He sent out the tweet (I’m on Omegle! Put your interest as LAHWF and let’s talk) and BOOM within minutes (if not seconds) he got his fans to start to talking to him on Omegle. It was crazy fun. Lastly, if your Tweets get Retweeted – your brand spreads even further. (Of course he deleted the tweet afterwards, but he did make a video out of it).

Out of all the points I just talked about, we’re going to specifically talking about making your page active and your tweets retweeted to gain the proper exposure for your brand. And, we’re going to do this by analyzing two Twitter accounts as our case studies:


2. Tinatbh

Let’s get started…

Before We Get Started

Don’t Buy Twitter Followers

Though showcasing that you have a lot of followers makes you LOOK like a more credible – viral brand. You must realize that at any moment or time Twitter may change it’s layout to where it’ll show the world how active your Twitter account really is. Remember Facebook? Everyone was doing all they could to get those likes. For example, this political company I worked for spent $XX,XXX+ on facebook ads for a political figure. They received a lot of likes, but when Facebook changed it’s layout to where they showed how many people were talking about the brand – their number was zero to none.

You don’t want to look like you cheated the system: it’s bad for the brand.

I also feel it just delegitimizes your brand internally (self-guilt).

Case Studies


You know already what’s going on between us... I work on a ton of stuff and it’s great. As of right now, besides the internal organizational stuff and helping with videos, I’m working on his facebook and I’m doing pretty well (when we first started only 1,500ish people were talking about him):

BUT I’m not touching his twitter account because he’s good at tweets. If you go on his twitter you’ll see that he averages about 150 retweets from his 53,000 followers. Now that’s 0.2% of his followers. I know it seems little but according to Gary V, an ideal marker is from 0.3% – 1% and currently the average for a brands tweet to be retweeted is actually less than 0.05%. So if you’re doing around 0.3% – 1% you’re already ahead of the curve.

LAHWF has some work to do and I’m making him tweet more so that way people are used to his activity – but it’s safe to say that he’s well above the curve. A couple of his tweets have even gone to 200+ retweets.

How To Stay Active

1. TWEET DAILY: you want to show your fans that you’re active in their lives.

2. The best times to post tweets are 8am (people at work / headed to work and checking their phones), 5pm (people leaving work), 10pm (people going to bed).

3. Write down potential tweets you can think of on a notepad. If the tweet does not go viral – don’t be afraid to delete the shit out of that tweet. Just keep tweeting your potential tweets out. Experiment and just focus on the ones that work. If you’re really good at tweeting, not only will people start following you – but fans will just keep coming back for more.

4. If you’re trying to get a tweet to be retweeted, be smart and just post like 1-3(max) a day. Posting too much will just make your fans go crazy because you’re creating so much commotion on their feeds. Give them time to process the tweet.

5. Have a day where you just have a Q&A with your fans on twitter. This will not only make you active but it’s also a great way to get new followers to follow you: bait – bait – bait – bait.

What I’m learning from LAHWF is that his tweets are just really good that people naturally want to follow him.

Remember, twitter is like micro-blogging – you want to say something quick that after your fans reads your tweet and then turns off his/her phone – he is sitting their smiling to himself like, “damn that made my day.” 

I’m also learning: Though the character count of a tweet is around 140… try to make it about 100-120 – this leaves room for your fans to write a comment with the retweet (if they do retweet). This is a lesson I’ve expecially learned from Tintbh.

I love Tintbh. You should follow her. She makes me laugh and laugh and smile and smile. She has about 305,000 followers and has an average of 0.5 – 2% of her fans retweeting her work. She’s good. Go to her twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tintbh and enjoy her mastery. She follows all the rules:

1. Posts less than 4 tweets a day.

2. She stays in the compound of 100 – 120 characters.

3. She spaces out her tweets so their easy to read.

4. They’re really funny and honest, which makes fans coming back to her page on a daily basis.

5. And, she’s just too good with her tweets that even her own fans (like me) tell you to follow her.

I hope this helps. I’m still learning as we go because, like I’ve said, Twitter wasn’t (is) necessarily my strong suit. When I was with Simple Pickup – when they had about 40,000 – 60,000 followers – my average retweet was around 60ish.

Here are my biggest retweeted tweets when I was with them. (Remember, I was with them for 2 years – so I didn’t go back too far because too many tweets to swift through, so I might have missed something):

Unoriginal Quotes I Tweaked a Little:

Original Tweets:

Just think about the rules I mentioned above and I think you’ll be fine. Good luck. Get Active.

I’ll share more once I learn more and get my own twitter on par.

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As always, thank you reading. You can add suggestions or questions below.

Talk soon.