Lazy Impact

I’m not going to lie, it’s been tough getting back into the groove of making content for my YouTube channel, Facebook page, Instagram, and any other social media site I’m living on at the moment. I keep on saying to myself that “I’m going to write tomorrow…” “I’m going to film this weekend…” “I’m going to have a mission statement NEXT week.”

Then, I delay all of these plans by chalking them up to excuses of work, lack of money, lack of time, and sleep deprivation.  Well, for some odd reason I told myself that enough is enough. It was time to get started on producing content again!

However… for the past few hours I’ve been trying to make something, anything, for any of my aforementioned media channels, and I’ve been deleting everything I’ve been posting. In addition, I need to head back to work soon…


Here I am.


It is my hope that this blog post is the fuel I need to start my momentum content producing train.

Before I continue, I’m going to make something very clear, I’m not lazy… when it comes to OTHER PEOPLE’S PROJECTS and WORK. For example, right now I manage four high-level internet youtube / facebook celebrities. In fact, I’m building a business around this concept.

But when it comes to my own content… I’m lazy. I do nothing to help my own image shine. This needs to stop because at any moment my clients can die, let me go, or vanish to another agency. Also, even though I love what I do for others (and it gives me a way to live), my personality belongs in front of the camera…

It’s not about being famous. It’s about using the talents that someone (God) gave me to make an impact on the people I interact with.

What do I mean?


Impact is the value you add to the people who you bring into your life. For example, the clients I have are bringing people into their life through their own version of skits, pranks, and other social forms of entertainment. And, the impact they’re giving back to their fan base is laughter, joy, and thought.

I want to and will do the same. Currently, I’m known as the “Uber Guy” because my videos consist of fun viral carpool rides with passengers. But, I know I offer more than that – for example, I write.

And, I think one of the biggest things I’ve been struggling with is trying to figure out the voice I want to project to my audience. But, how will I know If I’m not posting anything? If I’m not writing?

If I’m not doing anything?


It starts now. Again.

Thanks for listening.
My bedroom – Daly City, CA
11:44 PM



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