Keep Pushing Forward: Dealing with Struggles

Before I begin I want to say I received a wonderful comment from my last post. Here it is:


I really needed this comment (thank you Kirsten) because the video she is talking about, the current video I posted this morning, was one of the hardest shoots I’ve ever done in my entire life: it took over 2.5 months to conceptualize the idea, 4 weeks to shoot (4 days of shooting), spent over $500 to make it happen, had audio issues on two days, camera issues on the next, got kicked out of a campus on the last day of shooting (unusable UCSD footage), and it took over 35 hours of editing because I had four different ways of telling the video’s story.

Let’s begin…

This morning I posted a video called, “Giving Away FREE Guacamole to College Students.” I posted the video both on my Facebook Page & YouTube channel. The strategy would be, i) a Facebook page I manage, OwnagePranks  would help promote the video via Facebook & ii) a friend would help by publishing the video page on /reddit.

None have responded. Ow.

Even though I help boosted & keep boosting OwnagePranks Facebook page for free; the guacamole content isn’t something their willing to push. Yes, back in December they shared The Chainsmokers video. However, it would be nice if they helped with this one because I’m trying to grow my page and it’s easier when bigger channels give a lending hand. Till next time.

As for the reddit friend? I have nothing against her as I find her to be amazing. She’s currently in Las Vegas. It’s called patience. I’ll wait. Anyway, due to these two situations, my views for this video are struggling. The old Jonathan would be screaming and yelling at himself. However, I’m calm this time. It’s okay because I deal with this all the time & I must keep pushing forward.

How? I’ll tell you how!

Don’t Be Afraid to Make Changes All The Time

Don’t be afraid to delete your work and start over.

There was one point where I spent 10 straight hours making a version of the Guacamole video that would soon be deleted once I got a consensus from my group of friends that it wasn’t good / entertaining. There was one point that I even PUBLISHED the video & realized it wasn’t good so I had to delete and start over. It’s hard.

Don’t be afraid to make changes right after you publish your content.

I do this all the time. For example, I changed the Thumbnail of my “Uptown Funk” video, a week after I published, because the first one wasn’t attention grabbing enough. It was a great change because it jumped from 20k views to 120k in a week.

Don’t be afraid to keep your art hanging up with its imperfections

I think this is the most important tidbit of all because as the saying goes, “the fear of publishing an imperfect creation will ultimately deter you from posting anything.” I think I’m paraphrasing here, but you get the idea.  Put you artwork out there because the only way you can make changes, the only way you can improve, the only way you CAN MOVE ON TO THE NEXT, is if you publish your work and let it sit there.

Of course, you need to do everything you can to make sure it does well: fight for your work until you can’t fight anymore (the internet works in a way that the fight usually ends after about 7 days or less).

On My Mind – A Random Tidbit That Does or Doesn’t Relate

Ending the fight and moving on can be one of the hardest things I’ve had to learn this past year. Here is an example: On August of 2015, I had a video that went viral (The Weeknd – Uber Edition). It brought connections, press, accolades, and then… boom. Copyright Infringement hit hard on the video.

The video was taken down for three months & then once it was back up… the record company silenced the sound. God damn it hurt. This video was my backbone for business opportunities and now, here I was, unable to showcase this video to the world.

But, I had to move on. I remember breaking down and stressing out, but I had to find alternative ways to make sure the video was still playing somewhere, out there… but I couldn’t dwell on it & had to move forward by working on my next video idea.

Luckily, it arrived in December of 2015! The Chainsmokers, asked me to make a video for them. I used the lessons from my past videos and kept in mind that “nothing is forever.” I worked one month, more than 40 rides (3 hours of footage), reshot a few scenes, and did everything I could to make the best carpool video I’ve ever made in my entire life. It would end up becoming a video I could for sure use to companies when asking for work. Yes, I understand the views on YouTube didn’t do to well (500k on YouTube & 1.1 million on FB isn’t the best). Yes, the video doesn’t live on my channel.

But god damn I made sure to make a video that could last till the end of time: it did gather attention in the right markets: EDM blogs, Chainsmokers fans, and commercial opportunities sprung out of the wood-work about this video. Years from now, I can look at the video and say, “that was fucking AWESOME!”


We’re at it again.

This Guacamole Video is another example of me moving forward. The Chainsmokers video is now be pushed out of my mind & I must begin creating another classic video / project.

I’m realizing that I don’t think it will be this Guacamole Video (or the two videos before it), but it’s okay because at least I’m putting myself out there.

Those who live in the past will never grow: (I think this mentality is why it was easy for me to block myself from my ex-girlfriend of five years). 

Ending Notes

I understand I’ve taken a step-back from writing stories as of late, writing for Thought Catalog, or even writing humdingers and laladaggers full of ebullient joy!! Please know that I’ve decided to use this blog as my therapy  and that’s why I decided starting a blog was a good idea and I found some resources online to help me with this, and I thank you for coming along this ride .

Please force me to write more! 

Thanks for listening.
Philz Coffee Shop – Berkeley, CA
7:41 PM

P.S. People will only remember you for your successes. So it’s okay to fail. Just keep pushing forward.