Time Management

“Jack of all trades… master of none.”

I’m stressed out and that is why I’m writing here right now. I have so many things in my head and I’m not going to lie when I say I am unable to organize all of them together. I feel like a fucking idiot because I’ve put myself in a position where I’ve added a bunch of projects together and it’s eating me alive.

It’s sad. I want to tear up because the big things I really want to do take a big step back because work always seems to come first. Even though, the work, isn’t even paying me anything (#startup life).

(I can survive, monetarily, for a couple more months)…

But, when it comes to my own survival: my bags under my eyes, hair loss, energy, and happiness can only last for so long. This is why I need to focus on Time Management. So, you’re wondering – what am I working on? Here we go. I’ll tell you and I’ll tell you what I need to do to keep things on track and the tools I use to do so…

First Project:

The startup I’m working on is with a YouTuber named YouTube.com/Kipkay  I was keeping this a secret this for a while due to some personal issues but I was brought on as VP of Business Development (it’s just a title) in the beginning of August. And, I keep it a secret any longer. Anyway, this YouTuber deals with a bunch of electronics and I’m not going to lie it’s sucking the life out of me!

I’ve never dealt with DIY projects before. What’s the big project? It’s my job to grow the subscription service he has: kipkaykits.com 

Why it’s sucking the life out of me…

When I arrived the internal structure of how the business was operating was disorganized, kits were arriving late, the website backend was shitty, and the customer service of it all was nonexistent. I came in the first month and customer service is now going well, the backend is now running smoothly, the warehouse is now organized… but the kits are still a tad late. I

Listen, getting supplies from China and getting the engineering interns I have to build kits can take sometime. It’s okay.

Time Management? 

Customer Service is a 24 hours project. However, the plan is to arrive in the office at around 8am. From 8am – 1pm I’ll allocate all my energy and time to take care of customer service and anything else Kipkay related.

What I have to work on?

1. Retention is great

2. Increase users:

I’m stressing out because handling 3 engineering interns, 2 in-house warehouse packers, taking care of the mailing list, talking with Kipkay and making things happen, taking care of deadlines – this… this… is stressful already. But I’m breathing. I’m okay.

Time management: 8am – 1pm.

Tools I Use to Organize & Transfer Code

Github / Basecamp / Shipstation / WooCommerce / Fritzing

Second Project

Podcast: http://www.peoplewithcareers.com

To have a podcast pop up 4 times a week is in itself a big feat. But, I love interviewing people. I hope one day I can just hire someone to come in and edit the podcast! Yes, I edit every single one – take out weird points and in addition try to take care of sounds + the “ums” & “I knows.”

1. Every editing project can take up to two hours to complete. This doesn’t include upload time and writing the description of the podcast time.


Time Management 

Tools I Use

Calendly / Basecamp / Libsyn / Soundcloud / WordPress

Third Project

Writing. I love writing and I want to continue this forever: i) I want to write for television ii) write a script, which turns into a movie. iii) write a novel.

I feel like breaking down because I’m not doing what I love.

Where to write:

You need your own space to write but I have to power through.

Fourth Project

My YouTube Channel: Do Good Jonathan

When the hell will I have time for this? I’m trying once a week but it isn’t coming along.

Fifth Project

Girlfriend: holy fuck.

Sixth Project

Side money projects…

1. Managing another YouTuber
2. Random Etsy plans.

Seventh Project

Consulting and sales where we’re building a technological system:

“An augmented-reality game board system.” I’m actually doing well in this project because it’s a new project altogether. We’re building from scratch. This allows us to create the language of the project, meet new investors, and pitch to a bunch of people. I’ve been very successful in bringing in leads and providing the best consultation. I wish I could solely work on this project, but oh well. Kipkay first. *shrugs.

I need to get paid.

Don’t worry. I’m going to be fine. I’ll succeed in all of these things.

This is kind of a half-ass post. One day at a time.