How To Find Your Creative Time

It’s 4:28am in the morning and I made sure to put on pants before writing this post. I have a difficult time concentrating when I’m in my boxer-briefs. To go further, I have an even harder time doing anything when the bottom half (of me) is completely unclothed: Yes, I sleep naked or half-bottom-naked. It’s for health reasons.

Therefore, I made sure to put on pants, put on my favorite hoodie, and plop my laptop onto a pillow before gently positioning myself into a butterfly stance. The one downfall from this entire situation is that my mouth’s moisture is producing a taint pungent garbage-esq morning saliva that is making my self-conscious yearn for a good brushing. However, I don’t want to run to the bathroom to brush, shower, or anything else in between because I don’t want to lose the creative juices flowing in my brain… yet.

In fact – this is the short topic I want to write about today…

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