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Last updated on Nov 26th, 2021
(read at your own discretion because it’s a rambling, which makes it so f*cking long)



Currently, I tell others that I’m a creative director for a company I founded called DoGoodMedia. Since 2011, I’ve helped brands and influencers (content creators) go viral and sell their products online: from YouTube to Instagram to Shopify… I’m one of the guys helping to make it happen.

In so far, I’ve helped acquire over 5 Billion views, 40 million subscribers, and tens of millions of dollars for these companies and influencers.

Many of these projects have made a splash on CNNDailyMailGawkerTMZRyan Seacrest, and more…

Today this all changes. I’m more than a creative director. I want to call myself what I want to call myself. I am a creative storyteller. I am a host. I’m an actor. I’m a writer.

Why am I calling myself something different today?

Because it’s time. Though 2021 has been a very transformative year for me, where I’ve experienced so many wonderful events, due to fear and ungratefulness… I still fall into old habits.

Therefore, to stray away from living a life where I’m not taking ownership of my life, where I’m not being completely fearless, I am defining myself differently today and have decided to write my many accomplishments.

It’s not to brag, but rather to remind myself what I’m capable enough, and to stay the course of “good” rather than of the path of “evil”.

It’s time to live my life.

What I’m writing below is for me, but you can read if you want.

1. graduated UC Berkeley in 2010: worked three jobs, became the first Filipino Independent ASUC Senator, created a scholarship for mental health students, led a 5,000+ student protest against fee hikes, created a bill requiring the university to divest from projects that benefited zionism (Noami Klein / Noam Chomsky got involved), I received over 100,000 and the media coverage was unstoppable: a quote I’ll never forget “justice never sleeps”.

I was fortunate to make lasting connections and friendships. In addition, it was my first taste of becoming a leader in the space by having over 20 interns.

In addition, I was a volunteer for PASS (Pilipino Academic Student Services). This was where I would outreach to community colleges and high schools, presenting why higher education is important: through resources.

2. August 2010 – Jan 2012: went on an expedition, looking for my father in the Philippines. I found him and due to the toxicity, left.

Then, fired from 8-9 jobs: Old Navy, Legoland, Gap, Guess, Airbnb (120th Employee), Mayoral campaign consultant assistant, Loopnet (inside sales), Peets Coffe Shop (because I was building my own business).

In addition, I became a taskrabbit: cleaning homes.

3. 2011 – 2012: while everything was happening above, I was building a startup with Jimmy Chen to bring YouTubers to UC Berkeley. The goal was to create concerts for these influencers.

We built a small team of four women. It was here that we booked the violinist “Lindsey Stirling”, to which we moved on to a group of guys called Simple Pickup.

Kong Pham, Jesse Jhaj, and Jason Roberts.

My team and I were able to sneak into VidCon and after much drama, we impressed Simple Pickup enough that I asked if we could work for free with them for six months.

The deal was if, at the end of six months, if we hit certain KPIs, we would get a 7.5% cut from their gross profits.

It worked.

I helped grow their channels from 30,000 to over 200,000. They met Tim Ferriss and our collaboration strategy worked: from FouseyTube to LAHWF… and the list continues.

They would end up firing Jimmy Chen and hiring me at the end of 2012. It was dramatic as fuck. But, it was this experience where I would learn how to grow YouTube channels and Facebook pages, e-mail marketing tactics, and internet storytelling.

It would suffice to say that my career would blast off.

Too many adventures to count.

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 5.49.33 PM

4. 2013 – 

My Proudest Moment Working for Simple Pickup.

We did an awesome video where we motorboated women for breast cancer awareness. The money was ultimately returned and the video was taken down (for privacy issues… but is now back up). Anyway, we took the donation we made from the motorboat video and I was told to look for a woman with breast cancer.

It was a problematic experience. Regardless, I hold this memory close to my heart as the woman we gave the money to would pass in 2016.

To this day – this video makes my heart melt: she is very appreciative of what we did and mentions my name.

52014 – 

SimpleMisfits (Jan 2014 – April 2014)

Teamed with Jason Roberts & SimplePickup to start SimpleMisfts: a channel dedicated to social experiments. Here is a notable video that has generated over 6 million views and was featured on CNN:

6. June 2014-2015: after growing their YouTube channel to 1.4 million subscribers, taking their YouTube views from 30 million to 180 million, and helping them build a 2 million dollar a year business… because of petty drama, I would end up getting fired from Simple Pickup.

From email marketing all the way to content creation. I was in the mix of everything. Though, I’m glad I got fired because it would lead to another direction in my life.

I then moved to Utah for six months to help Andrew Hales (LAHWF) with his YouTube channel.

When this was complete, I would then become an Uber Driver and start making viral videos. These viral videos would get me in the good graces of YouTubers and Facebook creators again, and I would start growing Facebook pages.

I would continue to grow to manage pages like, OwnagePranks, KarenXVitalyzDTV, Kristen Hanby, and Julius Dean.

Here is a snapshot of my typical week:


You can read how my tactics helped a brand’s FB page reach 70 million people in A Week: How to Hack Facebook.

Created a podcast called “People with Careers” created over 44 episodes. Then suddenly stopped.

7. Summer of 2015:

The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face (Carpool Edition) 

On August 18th, 2015 I uploaded a video of people dancing in my car. It reached 900k views on YouTube, 10 million views across different Facebook Profiles, and did well across different news sites.

I used the popularity of the song, Uber’s brand name, and the genuine actions of my passengers to push the video forward. I did it out of pure fun and no one endorsed me to make the song. It hit 900k+ views on YouTube before being silenced for copyright. But, it was taken from my page and uploaded on different FB pages, which accrued more than 20 million FB views.

You can watch the video here:

This exposure gained the attention of The Weeknd, who saw the video and then invited me to see him in Toronto. You can watch the story here:

Notable Stats:

YouTube Video (Before Taken Down): 900,000 Views in 10 days.
Daily Mail UK on Facebook: 5,000,000 Views
Ryan Seacrest
Daily Mail UK
Much More!

Recent Viral Video(s) in coordination with Uber. 

There are more examples below. The most recent is on Dec 7th, 2016 where I uploaded a video where riders in an Uber car sing to Mariah Carey’s “I Want For Christmas Is You.” It hit the airwaves across hundreds of news sites across the country.This includes, but not limited to, KTLA, Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, many radio stations, NYC ABC, and the list goes on! I was even featured on a morning news show:


In October of 2016, I made a video where I surprised Uber riders with Puppies. It was seen on Mashable (10.4 million views), Inside Edition, CBS, and ABC…

Chainsmoker’s Music Video

In November of 2015, I was fortunate enough to be asked to make a fun music video for “The Chainsmokers.” It currently stands over 2 million views across their Facebook page and 1.5 million+ views on their YouTube channel.

Notable Publications:

8. 2015- August 2016

Kipkay Kits:

I would partner up with Jimmy Chen (again // mistake) to help market “Kipkay Kits” – users were able to pay a monthly subscription to receive a DYI kit they could use to build a DYI project.

It didn’t do well.

PlayTable.XYZ: the world’s first board game console

I moved from Los Angeles, California to the Bay Area to work part-time on PlayTable.XYZ – I’m a board and card game enthusiast and so, with a group of friends, we started building a device that can play every single board & card game in the world. It was once a hobby, which turned into a reality.

I was brought on for user acquisition, social media growth & video work. I now advise their marketing strategy.

Pictures below:


This project was led by Jimmy Chen and yet again, due to his shadiness, it didn’t do well. Though I met a few amazing people with who I’m still connected today.

9. 2016 – 

I would be picked by a company called Shareability: to become an advisor for their digital and national commercials. This advisor role would end at the end of 2019.

Besides the two viral uber videos (Mariah Carey Xmas and Surprising passengers with puppies), I also made a Facebook video where I gave away free Guacamole to students (only 80k views).

This video would actually lead to something quite amazing.

10. 2017 -2018

I got into a major car accident at the beginning of this year (while driving for lyft and hertz), where I would end up getting sued for a million dollars. The case would finally resolve at the end of 2018 (and finalized paperwork in 2020). I would end up settling for $30,000.

I was invited to join this private facebook group of top marketers in the online space, and when I introduced myself it seems my guacamole video would get the attention of Nik Sharma, who was the head of DTC at hint.

Nik Sharma invited me to meet the CEO of hint, it was here that she loved my personality and invited me to film her in Monaco.

From Spain to France to Monaco, hint enjoyed my expertise and before I knew it I was working for Hint as head of video and influencer partnerships.

We basically invented Micro-Influencing.

What an adventure.

I even slept in their office space for over a year.

11. 2018 – 

I would end up getting fired from Hint and then moving down to Los Angeles. It was here for my pursuit to become an actor.

I would get extremely lucky, and in a theater, I would meet Dan Chan who invited me to participate in a couple of videos for a media company called Jubilee.

It was here that I would be in two of their viral videos:

I would continue driving for Uber and doing odd jobs. I tried intensely to create projects on my own YouTube channels (a series of blind dates). These projects did not do well.

I believe a few companies (and YouTubers) asked me to do a few digital commercials, but I fell into a circle roundabout of driving for uber.

12. 2019 –

This was a strange year. I started an acting class, convinced someone to be my commercial agent, I got into comedy and made so many stand up comedian connections, hosted a standup comedy show, I would end up working with Marlin Chan, spoke at VidCon (one of my biggest dreams), launched a massive black friday sale for Michael Sasser, booked a national commercial, started a podcast called “Spill the Pho”, and cemented my company as an LLC.

In addition, was also creating digital commercials for several companies: supercoffee, peatos, and others.

Here’s a fun video I enjoyed making that year:

13. 2020 – 

I have no idea what happened in 2020. I believe I worked with so many companies, creating digital commercial after digital commercial (dogoodmedia). It was here that I also created: Quarantine Facetime Date (got over 400 girls to apply to be my girlfriend).

It was a fun year to follow comedians around and figure out the next steps of my life. I was rather confused, I gambled way too much, and I was simply lost. It was a year where I didn’t create a single viral organic video.

here is a notable video of 2020 (that I was in):

Helped Romain Bernus grow his TikTok account to 1.6 million followers in six months.

Oh. I also got sued this year as well.

14. 2021 – 

What a fucking amazing year.

I was hired by Stiiizy as their head of influencer brand strategy (I think). I was let go after three months. It was dramatic, I was confused, and we didn’t match well.

In March I started the podcast, “The Bottle Club” and so far, after three different hosts, it has 22 episodes and over 80k followers on TikTok plus over 1.5k average listeners.

We have a long ways to go and I’m excited about what’s to come with this podcast.

Starting the podcast was one of the smartest moves I could ever make because it would be here that Facebook would create “Audio Rooms” and through this podcast, plus connections with a few Facebook influencers, and through my Facebook account get HACKED…

I would be asked to host an original Facebook Audio Room show with six episodes. It would be the biggest brand deal of my entire life. I would call this project called livewithjonathan.com

I would take this money and pay off my debt.

I also created a project called “YourAttention” a course to help businesses sell their products online. I spent too much money and it’s currently taken a step back (hasn’t sold a single dollar).

This is it for now: of course, there are stories within stories, projects within projects, auditions within auditions, and probably left out so many other accomplishments in the process.

I have more to do and have so much planned.

We’ll see where the end of 2021 will take me, and where I’ll be next year. I will end the year strong and take everything in strides.

I’m excited. I’m worthy. I’m grateful.

Holy shit.