Sunday. Tuesday. Thursday.




I made it very clear on my Twitter and YouTube channel that I will be putting out videos every Sunday. Tuesday (Sometimes). Thursday. I’m not going to lie when I say that I am NOT a big of a fan with my newest episode. But I’m glad I published – something. This mentality is actually a good thing because, even though I’m not happy with the episode, I’m essentially training myself to follow through with my schedule.

In the past I’ve waited and waited to put something out because I thought it wasn’t a good enough episode or video. I do care about quality, however, what I need right now is to push myself to create a habit of consistently uploading content on my YouTube channel.

I’ll worry about quality as time moves forward. Remember, uploading consistent content is a great – but having a line of shitty content won’t grow the channel. But one thing at a time. Inch by inch is a cinch.

This moment, I’m working on uploading consistently.
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