The Only Way Out is Through

The Only Way Out is Through – Robert Frost

I was talking to one of my (gambling anonymous) sponsors the other day and I was telling him that I was having difficulty getting through the day without thinking about gambling. Living with an addiction that you’re trying to get rid out of your system is very arduous. Not being able to gamble might be easy for others, for me it’s like getting a mosquito NOT to fly towards a bright light.

Almost impossible.

And –

Los Angeles has a ton of Casino Lights that seduce me while I’m driving to and from work on the freeway. My head and hands sweat as my brain is trying to thinking of excuses to exit the freeway and SPRINT into the casino.

I really want to stop Gambling because it’s not only going to ruin me financially, but it’s also going to ruin the potential I currently have: am I willing to risk the rest of my 20s – MY LIFE – on cards?

So I called my sponsor and began to tell him how I wanted to pounce to the casino: the URGE IS SO STRONG. It’s weird it was like the casino was calling my brain to visit her. I was actually in pain because I wasn’t visiting her. You could say it felt like a bad breakup. I was venting these thoughts to my sponsor when he said, “Jonathan – The Only Way Out is Through.”

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