How To Accomplish Your Goals: Work Backwards

“This may seem too magical, but you must start at BELIEVING that you can do what you want… and then you work backwards.”

All five of us were sitting in the self-made living room we constructed in our office when our CEO spouted those words above. Our CEO said what he said because he was trying to guide our lead engineer into making a sound decision about whether he (the engineer) should stay with the company or not.

This doesn’t move the story forward, but the lead engineer is at a better place. Anyway, regardless if our CEO meant to be inspirational or not, I found his words to resonate with me in a special way.

It brought me back to a time where I used to BELIEVE in the impossible & BELIEVE that I could do anything. I believed I could be a superhero, I believed I could be a saint, I believed I could be a writer, I believed I could be a director / an actor, I believed I could be an entrepreneur, I believed I could be a karate master… Then, it was these memories that brought me to rethink of all the successes and failures I’ve had in pursuing these beliefs.

I’m not going to focus on the failures because focusing on an article of “what not to do” is unproductive to the prospect of actually learning something. Rather, I’m going to tell you how I was able to succeed in some of these beliefs. These successful beliefs became a reality because I took the time to work backwards.

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