Inactivity and Momentum

Inactivity or inertia is not a place you want to be in your life. I say this with extreme fervor because if you allow yourself to stay inert, I feel, you are giving up on your goals. Of course I sound extreme but if you’re not moving, if you’re not creating some sort of momentum, you … Continue reading “Inactivity and Momentum”

Car Accident

I must have pressed the backspace on this keyboard at least 100 times already. Word after word, sentence after sentence, deleted. It’s funny because the wordpress interface is one of my favorite places to write my thoughts and right now, right now I’m having the most difficult time organizing my thoughts to create paragraphs. I blame it … Continue reading “Car Accident”


I’m not going to lie, it’s been tough getting back into the groove of making content for my YouTube channel, Facebook page, Instagram, and any other social media site I’m living on at the moment. I keep on saying to myself that “I’m going to write tomorrow…” “I’m going to film this weekend…” “I’m going … Continue reading “Impact”

Why Major in Rhetoric…

A few days I received an e-mail from a reader: The reader asked me, i) why did I study rhetoric at UC Berkeley? & ii) what is my current profession? This post may bore you, but this question couldn’t be asked at a better time because I haven’t written anything personal in a while. And, … Continue reading “Why Major in Rhetoric…”