I’m not going to lie, it’s been tough getting back into the groove of making content for my YouTube channel, Facebook page, Instagram, and any other social media site I’m living on at the moment. I keep on saying to myself that “I’m going to write tomorrow…” “I’m going to film this weekend…” “I’m going to have a mission statement NEXT week.”

Then, I delay all of these plans by chalking them up to excuses of work, lack of money, lack of time, and sleep deprivation.  Well, for some odd reason I told myself that enough is enough. It was time to get started on producing content again!

However… for the past few hours I’ve been trying to make something, anything, for any of my aforementioned media channels, and I’ve been deleting everything I’ve been posting. In addition, I need to head back to work soon…


Here I am.


It is my hope that this blog post is the fuel I need to start my momentum content producing train.

Before I continue, I’m going to make something very clear, I’m not lazy… when it comes to OTHER PEOPLE’S PROJECTS and WORK. For example, right now I manage four high-level internet youtube / facebook celebrities. In fact, I’m building a business around this concept.

But when it comes to my own content… I’m lazy. I do nothing to help my own image shine. This needs to stop because at any moment my clients can die, let me go, or vanish to another agency. Also, even though I love what I do for others (and it gives me a way to live), my personality belongs in front of the camera…

It’s not about being famous. It’s about using the talents that someone (God) gave me to make an impact on the people I interact with.

What do I mean?

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10,000 Hours

Last night my 16 year old brother and I got into a fight. There was this misunderstanding, which led him to believe that I was ordering him to help me with my projects. “Jonathan, I’m really busy, I have so many things to do, and now I’m stressed.”

I wasn’t trying to stress him out. I was rather probing him to see if he had the time to help me film my projects. To give you some context, my 16 year old brother is also a filmmaker: many of his shorts have gone on to win awards, be broadcasted at the LA film festival, and now he will be directing the biggest project ever given to him (for his school).

The fight occurred because he wanted to help me, but the idea of juggling his projects with mine began to overwhelm him. I cannot blame him, my language would make it seem that I was pressuring him to help me with my projects. In the end, we came to the conclusion that he doesn’t need to help me as I need to help myself. This wasn’t what was said, but I felt that the undertone of it all was I shouldn’t rely on him to help me…

I’m getting off topic…

I’m writing today because it dawned at me that my brother, at 16, is way ahead of the ball game in terms of what he wants to do (directing / filmmaking). Therefore, by the time he’s my age (26/27) he’ll be ready to sit at the table of the big leagues. Why? Because he’s been crafting his art for 10 years.

In ten years he would have crafted his art for more than 10,000 hours. In ten years he would’ve developed a habit that the only thing he must do every single day is to film… is to create.

This idea humbled me. I couldn’t sleep because I realized that I’m not even close to 10,000 hours. I’m at 30 hours. Am I too old? Am I too late to start?

Here’s my answer…

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How To Accomplish Your Goals: Work Backwards

“This may seem too magical, but you must start at BELIEVING that you can do what you want… and then you work backwards.”

All five of us were sitting in the self-made living room we constructed in our office when our CEO spouted those words above. Our CEO said what he said because he was trying to guide our lead engineer into making a sound decision about whether he (the engineer) should stay with the company or not.

This doesn’t move the story forward, but the lead engineer is at a better place. Anyway, regardless if our CEO meant to be inspirational or not, I found his words to resonate with me in a special way.

It brought me back to a time where I used to BELIEVE in the impossible & BELIEVE that I could do anything. I believed I could be a superhero, I believed I could be a saint, I believed I could be a writer, I believed I could be a director / an actor, I believed I could be an entrepreneur, I believed I could be a karate master… Then, it was these memories that brought me to rethink of all the successes and failures I’ve had in pursuing these beliefs.

I’m not going to focus on the failures because focusing on an article of “what not to do” is unproductive to the prospect of actually learning something. Rather, I’m going to tell you how I was able to succeed in some of these beliefs. These successful beliefs became a reality because I took the time to work backwards.

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27 Lessons From A Not-So-Successful 27 Year Old

In a couple of weeks I’ll be twenty-seven years old. I look in the mirror and I’m astonished to see how much I’ve aged since last year. I used to look twenty-two, but because of stress, bad decisions, and lack of sleep… I can safely say that I look exceptionally older (25 in White-American standards). My eyes are puffier, I’m developing crows feet, and my stomach protrudes outwardly.

As the saying goes, “your body just gets worse over time, so it’s your job to slow down its breaking process. This requires exercise, healthy eating, and sleep.”

Besides the body shaming, what is it like being a twenty-seven year old? What are the things I’ve learned over these past twenty-seven years? I’ll tell you. Here are the 27 things I’ve learned over these past years.

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The Trials of Being a Writer (Part 1)

Being a writer is really tough because many times you’re wasting valuable moments of your life… writing. For example, I wrote 40,000 words, from the summer of 2013 to the end of 2014, on a potential novel I’m putting together. Unfortunately, after reviewing it I realize that I hate the first half of the book. I’m going to rewrite the first part altogether and it will probably take 8 months to complete this task.

In addition, yesterday I tried writing a new Thought Catalog piece (to get back on the horse to accomplish my 2015 writing goals) and I realized that after 5 hours of writing the piece led nowhere. There wasn’t enough examples, it wasn’t concrete enough, the idea was there but it didn’t have substance. Thought Catalog is all about relationship, love, millennial (generation y) catharsis, and stories involving love / relationships. And, my piece was far removed from being a hit.

It hurts because sometimes I just feel like I’m wasting my time. I will say that it’s really easy to write on this blog because the audience are people who already know me. It’s not for the masses, it’s for you, the 30ish people who read this blog everyday (haha. I know. So small). Last month I only had 800 unique visitors who scrolled through my site. Once I thought it to be pathetic that I averaged so little viewers.

But now I feel it a good thing because we’ve become a close nit group of people who aren’t really judging me in a negative light. You are all here to read my personal journey in life. In fact, there are even a few consistent commenters who I’ve actually reached out to via email or some other social media channel. So, thank you. Thank you to the ones reading and commenting. It means a ton.

I will say I’ve gotten a few haters (whose comments were quite hurtful) but that’s okay. It’s more love than hate here. Again, thank you.

As I write this piece I’m realizing why it’s so easy to write here than for Thought Catalog (and my novel). It’s because I don’t care what others think of what I’m trying to say here. I know the ones reading are the ones who like me and the ones who don’t know me just don’t give a fuck and won’t comeback. I’m not trying gratify the masses… just you.


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