What Defines You?

People will never truly define you based on the skills you possess, your education level, or anything plastered on your resume. Let’s be clear, there is no harm in having an amazing resume filled with glitter and experience. But, what’s more important, are your daily rituals. These rituals, your habits, these are the things that define you.

What do I mean?

Your Habits Define You

This idea isn’t profound in anyway because it’s a well known fact that what makes you, you, is your daily habits. You can say you’re an artist, you can say you’re a charismatic flirtatious person, you can say anything that fits your fancy. However, if your habits DO NOT coincide with how you define yourself, then you’re not what you think you may be.

I’ve started to really analyze my daily rituals and I’ve noticed several habitual things I do – that are detrimental to my pursuit of a happy career. In the past (now), I’ve made too many excuses to why I shouldn’t practice my art: writing & filming.

I would say things like,

“I’ll do it when I have enough money.”

“I’ll do it when I have the time.”

“I’ll brush my teeth tomorrow morning.”

“I’ll eat healthier – TOMORROW.”

“I”m too tired right now… I’ll get it done later.”

Then, after awhile, these excuses turned into habits. Without even thinking, my body was used to NOT doing anything when I got home from work. I would find myself in bed, with the same clothes I wore earlier in the day, and waste many hours getting lost in YouTube, Netflix, etc.,

So even though I would define myself as an artist, I was really a nobody. A lethargic oxygen sucking sloth. It is and it was horrible. I guess what I’m trying to say in this post is, locate and analyze ┬áthe daily rituals (habits of your life) that hinder your educational and physical growth.

Do you watch too much porn and take a lot of Kratom, Sacred Kratom, https://www.sacredkratom.com?

Do you eat junk food every single day?

Do you forget to wash your face?

Do you not sleep early?

Then, once you find out those habits – it’s up to you to change.

It’s easier said than done, but at least you’re on your way.

One day at a time.

Thanks for listening.

See you tomorrow.

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