My Last Chance


A few weeks ago I saw this number deposited into my bank account. My eyes lit up because I thought of things I could do with this amount of money.

We’re talking about paying off debts, setting money aside for back taxes, and of course learning how to keep track of your finance, putting a majority of it into the business I am growing.

What is fantastic is that it is only 25% of what I’m expected to receive, as the last 75% will be given to me in mid-September (2021).

It’s a deal of a lifetime… and I’ve squandered it all away. Gambling.

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My Disease Called Gambling

I have a gambling problem.

I’m writing this because I find if I make this issue public I’ll be able to get a better grip of my problem. It’s not only a need – I WANT to stop this horrible habit because it is ruining me financially.

I know I would be about $100,000 richer and done more productive-meaningful things in my life (time wasted) if I didn’t gamble.

It is SUPER CRUCIAL that I must stop this time because I’m starting my own business venture this summer. Every cent I spend must be spent wisely towards a business purchase / decision. I am fortunate that, till September 2014, I will have steady income being deposited into my bank account.

However afterwards – gulp.

Therefore, I am telling you that I have a gambling problem. I’m going to tell you my story of why I got into it, what it has destroyed, and how I will fix it altogether. I hope sharing this will help anyone else who is dealing with compulsive disastrous habit(s) / disease(s) such as gambling.

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