How To Make a Prank Video with LAHWF & Tim Ferriss: Video Strategy?

Today I finished editing and just published my new video: Making a Prank Video with LAHWF and Tim Ferriss. It was a fun one to shoot and edit; especially the editing part wherein I experimented with some FCPX effects. Now, all that is left is doing things to make people view the video.

Before I begin telling you what I’ll be doing today (hopefully it works) – you can first see the video here:

Alright, now let’s get started…


Remember when I became a spammer for my first video? Since it worked (kinda), I’ll be spamming a lot on many different channels. (Basically, doing the same thing as before).

I’m going to be working really hard on this one because I think the content is pretty intriguing and put together rather well. I know it’s not “viral.” But I do think it deserves at least more than a 1,000 views.

So, I’ll be fighting to get the video’s views up there by spamming. Yes… spamming.


Then, I’ll start emailing a bunch of people and ask them to “like” the video: clicking the thumbs up button below the video’s options. I don’t know if you know this but “likes” are really important when it comes to your video being seen by others. The more your video’s like button is clicked, the bigger probability that you’re video will be seen by more eyes.

How does liking work?

When a user “likes” a video there action is then shared to other people in their network. For example, if LAHWF decided to like my newest video, his 1.4 million followers would know he did (as the information would spread on their YouTube newsfeed) and BOOM! More views.

Did you know many popular YouTubers charge a significant amount of money when approached to like someone else’s video(s). Again, I do not think is one of those “viral” videos. So, I’ll save my money for now.



Seriously, I’ll need a lot of luck. I’m just going to rely on spamming and emailing a lot of random people: paying other Youtubers to like my video(s) and trying to get on a blogs will be a waste of time as this video isn’t the creme de la creme.

So, it’ll be up to the gods to let the content stand on its own.


I’ll work hard on my spamming and personal messaging techniques. I’ll update you tomorrow in regards to the pros / cons and successes / fails that happen throughout the process.

Thank you for reading.
See you tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “How To Make a Prank Video with LAHWF & Tim Ferriss: Video Strategy?”

  1. dududududuududududue, I loved the video! Just by having Andrew and Tim on it you should get a bunch of views from fans and stuff. You have to somehow mass contact people who are subscribed or are fans to either of them.
    The editing is nice! Good one!

    1. Aww man you’re too nice. It’s not going well right now – but it’s okay because I’ll just keep working on new videos and keep trying new things. I’m understanding that regular vlogs don’t do well but my stories do (narrations). But, it also has to be entertaining. I feel like if I just keep on pushing along and just making sure each video is “quality” then my channel will go somewhere.

      I’m trying to mold my formula like VlogBrothers ( where they published over 100 videos before they even got a video over 1,000 views (then it just grew from there). I’m going to do my best man! Thanks for reading – it means so much.

      Also, I’m still working on Burning Under Water (the novel). It’s coming somewhere and I have a plan for it, which I will of course write about.

      Thanks for being a loyal fan. I appreciate it sooooOOo much!

      1. Dude, I wish you luck on all of your projects. I see you have been through alot of shit throughout your life, but good and bad things come and go. As long as you keep moving forwards and taking risks then you never know where you might end up! Some world famous Vlogger, writer!
        Keep going bruh.

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