How To Create a Viral Facebook Page: Reach 44 Million People in 2 Months

some content was deleted due to unsaved information. However, I wrote a book that outlines how to do all of this (step by step). You can view it here for free: Click Here

Back in mid-2014 I posted insight about how I grew a Facebook page from 20k to 280k likes – with an engagement reach of over 1 million people. Times have changed and the stakes have never been any higher. Today, I’m going to give you the strategy I’m currently using to grow Facebook pages. And, I do it without paying Facebook anything: all organic growth.

Establishing My Credibility 

Since 2011, I’ve been playing around with Facebook pages. I’ve experimented a lot with different strategies, I’ve made countless errors, but I’ve also made some significant wins! Currently, one of the main pages I manage is doing rather well:

This page reaches 44 million people on a weekly basis. They have over 680,000 page likes and, in the next three months, they’re on an upward trajectory to reach 1 million likes! But, they weren’t always on top.

Two and half months ago they were in a very different position.

In The Beginning: Post Reach

They hired me on August 15th. Their reach was hitting an average of 24k people a day: a weekly reach of 200k facebook profiles per week.

Reach is how many people are viewing your posts. The higher the reach of a post, the increase likelihood that your page is being seen: all good things for your brand.

Present Day Reach

So far, our highest reach was hitting 33 million facebook profiles in a day. It’s beautiful to see these numbers. It makes me happy and I’m glad it’s happening!

Our average daily reach staggers around 6 million people per day. This equates to a weekly reach of 44 million people per week! To go even further, I started when the page was at 500k likes & now we’re pushing 700k. It’s amazing how SEO use some unique ways for keyword search to make your website popular on the internet.

In two months, their page grew by 35% and reached more profile pages than their 7 years on Facebook combined. I feel lucky & very fortunate, so I’m going to explain what I’m doing: the going-ons of how to grow your own Facebook page.

Disclaimer: this may not work for everyone… but it has worked for us. 

Here We Go

The first strategy to understand is that Facebook’s demographic is 55 / 45 ratio to women / men. In addition, women are more likely to comment / share / like content more than men. Therefore, you need to make content that is relatable, shareable, safe, and broad enough to be engaged by women. This doesn’t mean you’re page has to cater to women, I’m rather saying your page shouldn’t be too offensive to the demographic who shares the most content.

Theory: Women rule the internet. This is why food posts, animal posts, educational posts do well. It doesn’t matter if you’re a male lifestyle brand – because as long as you’re posting something that vehemently degrades women… then your post has a high chance of being shared.

But, it’s not only about posting a picture or a meme agreeable to woman. It’s about posting an original relatable meme with a photo that cannot stand alone from the caption. I repeat, the photo you’re posting shouldn’t make sense without a caption. Being obvious isn’t as profitable as being creative.

For example, if you’re posting a picture about how you hate your mother, you shouldn’t post a picture of a kid yelling at his mom. It’s predictable, it’s obvious, and it lacks creativity. Instead, you should post something completely unpredictable and let the caption bring the picture to life.

An Example

Look, it’s a cat! What does this picture signify? It doesn’t tell a story. It’s an animal who looks depressed, strange, and weird. Posting this up will do nothing. Let’s add a caption and give the picture life:

The caption is how you can make anything original. You are essentially manipulating pictures to push out your agenda.

Please understand that not every picture you’re going to post is going to go viral, but you’re going to increase your chances of going viral by adding captions. I find people like being told what to think and captions give you the ability to be their social media commander.

The Type of Pictures to Use

This is all dependent on the people who follow your page and also on the type of page you are! Since we’re a comedy brand that hits a younger demographic – I started off with different objects, animals, and ideas until something clicked with their audience. We then used what clicked as our baseline as we expanded with new ideas.   

Some days we do cats, other days we focus on dogs, sometimes we focus on babies, sometimes we focus on animations… but we ALWAYS add pictures & concepts from the brand’s own content. The idea is to always be posting original content by mashing pictures and captions together.

Most Importantly: it’s always good to mashup your brand’s assets with anything you do, this way people are aware that you exist.

Structuring The Picture Post

 99% of my posts are done through my phone because it saves time. You need to be able to live your life

Once you have the caption & the picture in mind, it’s time to present it to the world. The easiest way is through Twitter. I created a private Twitter account and I post everything there. Twitter will automatically organize the pictures into a wonderful landscape and all you need to do is crop the image afterwards and post!

Twitter Example

Your smartphone should have a studio option to be able to take the photo and crop it accordingly. In addition, there are so many apps available out there for your disposal!

Twitter will also separate pictures for you if you have more than just one image. It’s pretty amazing. 2 pictures, no problem! 4 pictures, no problem! I don’t know how Twitter works, but I’m loving how Twitter can mash your pictures and captions together with ease.

Your Picture is Up! Now What?

You should be watching your post to see if it’s relatable to your audience. I understand it can be straining on your eyes to keep refreshing the page every five minutes, but you have to make sure the post is going to do well in the long term. How do you know if the post will stand through time? It all depends if your fans are tagging their friends.

If your fans are tagging their friends, it means your post is relatable, which increases the probability that your post will be do well. In addition, them tagging their friends will increase your engagement, your reach, and add new likes to your page. Again – I’m stressing you to post relatable content.

Getting More Likes To The Page

Congratulations, your post is doing well (maybe even viral), how do you convert your post to people liking your page? How do you capitalize on your creativity? You do it by telling people to like your page. Remember, people like being told what to do and what to think, so tell them to like your page! Example:

In addition, we add the brand’s watermarks to our pictures. This way people know where these pictures come from and are aware  we exist.

On Videos

Videos work exactly like pictures, the only difference is that they’re videos! There are so many apps out there that allow you to film, edit, and grab content through your phone. I love videos because, if they do well, they’re the fastest way to grow your reach. Here is an example of a video post (with all the gizmos we talked about before):

Introducing Your Brand to New Eyes

Facebook has made it easy for brands to feature their videos on the Video Page. This is wonderful because every single time a user jumps into the video page (to see past videos) they’ll be given an option to watch the brand’s main video. Think of it like a “first timers video trailer” for the brand. Here is an example:

What About Your Weekly Videos?

If you’re consistently posting great content, then your custom videos should do well. The idea is to get your fans accustomed to your page so that when you do decide to post a long post or a long video, that they’ll be on stand by to read slash watch that long project you’ve been working on!

More Video Options 

Facebook has implemented something called livestreaming: realtime q&a. It’s not for every brand (like the one above because it’s an animation brand). But, I think livestreaming will be the #1 selling point for brands in the future.

Why? Livestreams let’s you interact with your fans in real time, in a direct way. You’ll be able to give what your audience wants, right when they want it!

Ending Thoughts

Facebook is a great way to expose your brand to the world. It’s a free marketing service that can change the way your fans think about you.

Also, a good announcement here – Facebook will be monetizing their video content in the near future and a viral video brand means you’ll start making money from your videos (so good luck!).

What’s Next? 

I love writing about Facebook and I will continue to experiment with growing all types of different pages. Currently, I’m working on my own page! It’s a small page, which I grew to about 908 likes.  I will be ardently working on the page for the next few months as I try different strategies to grow a page my from zero.

It’s going to be fun and I hope to write up what happens next.

I hope this post helps.

Thank you for reading, I hope you have a beautiful time posting!

Do you have any suggestions or comments about how to grow Facebook pages? I would really love to hear your thoughts!