I’m a Spammer. A Positive Spammer.

A very cool thing happened the other day. I posted my first Vlog on my new YouTube channel and in a couple days it reached about 2,000 views. Now this isn’t nowhere as close to the brands I’ve worked with, but for me, someone who calls himself “non-viral,” it’s pretty good.

How did I get it to 2k? Well, I’m a spammer. I repeat. I’m a spam-spamy-spammer. Hell though – everyone has to start somewhere, right? Let me explain:

So this video is a story of how I met my current girlfriend.  You’ll see that if you look at the title that it resembles the TV show “How I Met Your Mother.” If you haven’t heard of that show, you seriously just need to take a knife and… well nevermind. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of this show if you’re a present human being in the 21st Century.

So to get traction I went to videos that were all catered to How I Met Your Mother pieces. On these videos I wrote very thoughtful and thorough messages. My video basically catered to the viewers who were watching the video page I was spamming. Here’s an example:

Listen, I do not have a big following, I can’t just ask some high profile YouTuber for help (when I offer nothing). I do not have the capital to pay people to share the video or pay other YouTubers to “like” my video or collaborate with any viral artist out there. I’m just starting out – I HAVE NOTHING TO OFFER – besides the content I’m producing (so it better be good).

So far it’s worked. It’s a lot of hard work because I have to search so many relevant videos that have been published recently (about 2 months). It’s not merely a copy and paste job, it takes time to craft a nice little individual message that relates to why people are watching the video. Anyway, I just posted a new video – I need to figure out a way to promote. This means I’m going to start off by… yes… spamming.

Thank you for listening. I’ll worry about promoting this blog to other sites – soon.

2 thoughts on “I’m a Spammer. A Positive Spammer.”

  1. Bro, I’ve been reading your blogs since the beginning. Useful stuff, Would contacting non-mainstream websites so they can feature your stuff help with views, I guess eventually if you continue uploading and sharing it with all these sites they will notice you and feature some videos, Got to try that.

    1. @Maxim That’s a good idea. I’m having difficulties because I don’t think I have enough content on my YouTube channel, on this blog, and especially high quality videos on the channel as well. Once I get the groove of things – I think I’ll be able to offer more to these sites. I’ll keep you updated. Thanks for listening man – it’s been a crazy few months since leaving the viral YouTube channel I used to manage (and now managing another)… It’s an adventure. It’s an adventure to say the least. As always, thanks for reading.

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