Why I Want to Be Viral

For the past few years I’ve put myself in positions where I was helping brands (people) grow themselves virally… all from the background (backend). Though I am grateful for the experiences and the people I’ve worked with, I’ve grown to the decision that I think it’s time to step into the front lines (it’s not going to be easy).

I’m not stepping in the front lines for fame, I’m doing it for a few different reasons.

Why I Want To Be Viral

Meeting Cool People

Time and time again I would help collaborate clients with other clients. For example, Playboy Radio with Simple Pickup or Simple Pickup with Vitalyzdtv. And, time and time again I would witness my initial collaboration turn to dust as those two parties would stay connected… and I would be out of the loop forever.

I understand the concept, it hurts but it make sense: I’m just the manager, the background guy, and unlike the talent – I’m replaceable… so what’s the point in staying friends or connected with me? This is why I want to be viral. There are so many cool and interesting people out there in the world who I want to meet: being viral means I have a bigger chance of meeting and collaborating with these people than not.

Who are these people? It’s a long list… but I will tell you they go beyond the people I’ve worked with in the YouTube scene. Also, people respect you more if you’re viral (if the message you’re sharing is respectable).

Helping Friends

I have a friend named Ryan Holiday – Bestselling author of ‘Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator” and “Growth Hacker Marketing” and an overall marketing genius. – and I want to help him with his future projects. He’s helped me get over hurdles in my career and I want to genuinely give back. However, I have nothing to offer him besides other people (clients) who can spread awareness to his projects.

As much as these clients would be down to help him, they would want something in return: quid pro quo. This isn’t something I want to do, I genuinely want to help him. So, the only way I can do this correctly is if I’m viral.

Easier said than done.

Spreading Messages that Can Be Shaped by Others While I’m Alive

I would love to be alive if my work goes viral. To be an active member with a community who love or hate my work would be a dream come true. It is only through interaction that I’m able to learn, grow, and humble myself when it comes to my craft.

I Can Stay Weird Forever

I like acting childlike from time to time in public and I like doing fun things with the random people I meet on a daily basis. I’m fortunate and privileged to still be young. However, these actions can be limited when I get older. Basically, I do not want to be seen as a creep when I get older. Simple as that.

This is a pretty superficial list, but it’s the truth.

Thanks for listening.

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