It’s 5:37 am in the morning and I’m rushing this post because I’m headed out to help a friend with her commercial shoot. She needs someone to reserve a public tennis court & I answered her call! I believe Karen (friend) is an amazing individual who produces magnificent works and I will always support her endeavors.

Helping Karen, is in reality, helping myself because I learn so much when I work with her. In addition, I’m in need for some tennis. Anyway, where was I going with this post? Oh. Smiles.

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It’s strange. I haven’t written in any of my work spaces, nor have I read anything in the last month. This has led my mind to feel mushy. I’m an idiot. I’m having trouble writing. I’m lost.  I’m literally just staring at a nearby pen, which is silently whispering “f*ck you!”

I’ve been sick for the past few days and it’s been messing up with my work cycle. I haven’t been able to film, write, or talk. I feel pathetic. Last night I was finally able to get up and start being mobile again.

I’m energized. I’m ready. I’m awake!

I hope.

There are so many things I want to talk about: i) the kindness of strangers (people love giving me free things), ii) Guacamole Party, iii) Growth Hacking, iv) Berkeley Applicants, and v) Facebook Growth (hit a million likes on a page).

Let’s just get started by publishing this post first.

Aw. It feels so good to be back.

Everyone Has Their Own Path

“Everyone has their own path. Their own time.”

This was Grant’s response to my complaint about how my 16 year old brother was moving faster than I was in his film career. “Jonathan, your brother is lucky to have you and also lucky to have the resources he does to move faster.”

He then continued… “It was like when I helped my friend with his business school applications and now telling him what to expect when he starts.” He explained how it would’ve been nice to have someone guide him as it would have made the entire process easier. “I felt like Daniel Boone cutting through the forest.”

This is something I used to always say to myself. However, having someone who I respect, someone who I deem as successful as well, and someone who is one of the hardest working individuals I know say it to my face, brought a different perspective altogether.

It humbled me.

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Ex-Girlfriend: I want to be a good ex

I haven’t given much thought about “the game…” until last night. What happened? Last night I went to an event where there just so happened to be attractive people and I was flirting with them?!? I write the statement with a question market because it was a casual-business event so my intention came from a place of business and nothing else.

However, one of my friends kept insisting, “she was into you man. She wants you man. She is cute.” First, I think my friend was over-exaggerating. Being overly friendly, flirty, touchy, and happy at a casual-business event means nothing. Everyone is there to network, to learn, and to give insight. Therefore, EVERYONE who is ANYONE is supposed to be friendly, flirty, touchy, and happy to talk to each other.

Though I thought nothing of these “girls” & “game..” my friend’s comments did start a nagging thought in my brain. I began to think of my ex-girlfriend.

And, I realized I’m not ready to jump into the “the game.”

I’m not ready to date

I’m not ready to be in another relationship

I’m not ready to ask for anyone’s number

I’m not ready to actively search for someone else, kiss someone else, or even aggressively pursue anyone else. Yes, I will still flirt when the opportunity presents itself. I’m not going to sit idle if an attractive person walks into my path. I’m just not going to try to do anything further because… well… I’m not ready.

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